Scott's Fudge

My Recipe
My Recipe

 This recipe makes 3lbs of Fudge.

    3cups Sugar

    3/4 cups Butter

    2/3 cups Evaporated Milk

    12oz Chocolate Chips

    7oz Marshmellow Creme

    1tsp Vanilla

              Combine sugar,butter and milk in a heavy 2.5 qt saucepan bring to a full rolling boil,stirring constantly.

continue boiling for 5 minutes over med heat or candy thermometer reaches 234 degrees (F)

stirring constanlty to prevent scorching

remove from heat

stir chocolate chips in until melted

add marshmellow creme,vanilla

beat until well blended

pour into 9x13 pan

cool at room temp

cut into squares and enjoy the richness


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