Seafood Pasta Recipe

A ladies' lunch or a romantic dinner - it's up to you
A ladies' lunch or a romantic dinner - it's up to you

This one’s delicious, healthy, deceptively easy and relatively inexpensive.

You’ll need:

Pasta – I prefer tagliatelle or shells

Some frozen peas

White fish fillets


Some smoked salmon, cut into strips



A couple of cloves of garlic, crushed, but I’ve been known to slice it

Lemon juice (don’t stint on this)

Olive oil

Put a large pan of water on for your pasta - photographed here is tagliatelle, but I find that shells are good, too. Take some white fish (I use frozen fillets) and poach them in some seasoned water until just cooked. Add the peas (they cook quickly), drain and place in a pan large enough for all the pasta. Don’t heat it, though. Add olive oil, prawns, some snipped chives and parsley, garlic and plenty of lemon juice. Really, don’t stint on that bit. Once the pasta’s cooked add to the fish mixture and stir through carefully over a gentle heat, then add the smoked salmon. And that’s it.

This dish can be served cold, in which case don’t add the salmon until it’s nicely chilled and you’re about to serve, but I prefer it warm, which usually means the salmon cooks a little. Doesn’t change its taste, though.

Perfect for a lady’s lunch, if that floats your boat, and I’ve also served it up to cyclists before a big ride, and it’s powered them up the hills nicely.

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tksensei 7 years ago

Sounds good

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