Sensational Coriander Fish Recipe

The simplest of dishes that'll have guests begging for more!
The simplest of dishes that'll have guests begging for more!

I turn to this recipe whenever I have plenty of fresh coriander (cilantro). Adapted from Claudia Roden's fabulous Middle Eastern cookbook 'Tamarind & Saffron', it can be served with rice, cous cous or burghul wheat as a main course, or on a bed of fresh leaves as an elegant lunch or dinner party starter. The wonderful thing about it is that it can be made well in advance, and your guests will think you've slaved for hours. Really, it's that spectacular. You'll need:

White fish fillets (I use frozen - but thaw them first)

A large bunch of coriander/cilantro

A finely chopped onion

Some red chilli

2 cloves crushed garlic

Olive oil

Lemon or lime juice

A little flour

Cut up your fish into bite sized pieces and dunk in the flour, then fry in a little olive oil until just cooked - but don't overdo it, one or two minutes each side should be enough. Turn off the heat and leave to cool. Combine the coriander, onion, chilli, garlic, a good dollop of olive oil and your lemon or lime juice and then carefully stir in the fish. Leave for at least an hour before serving cold.

Yes, it really is that simple, and believe me, it's sensational!!

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