Shaped Cake Pans

Shaped cake pans are the perfect tool for making a great party. A well decorated cake will help set your party apart from the rest! These are perfect for birthday parties, graduations, get togethers, or any cause for celebration!

There are thousands of different shaped cake pans to choose from. You can find one for every type of celebration imaginable. When shopping you have to consider your skill level as well, there are cakes that look deceptively easy but when you get home to decorate them it turns into an absolute mess! If you're just getting started with decorating, I recommend baking off some simple cakes to get the feel for how the icing bag works and how to use fondant.

Techniques vary for decorating shaped cakes, but the finished product will usually turn out the same. Most cake pans will come with instructions for decoration or, at the very least, a list of tools and supplies necessary to get the cake done.

After you've mastered the icing bag you can take any shaped cake and turn it into a masterpiece. It's not super difficult to get there, it just takes time and patience (like all the other things in life worth being good at!).

The rest of this Hub will be dedicated to showing you some shaped cake pans that will be a good choice for each skill level.  If you like, you'll be able to purchase the pan from by clicking on the link.

Dinosaur Shaped Cake Pan

This dinosaur shaped cake pan is perfect for the beginning cake decorator. It only uses a few colors and doesn't really have any small details. The large blocks of color will allow you to hone your icing skills and the outlines will help you gain hand control.

A trick that I like to use with eyes and teeth to smooth them out is to wet my finger and run it across the icing to get rid of the ridges. Don't use too much water or you'll end up with a pile of water on the cake (no good!), just use enough to lower the friction on your finger tip. It really adds a level of detail without actually doing anything difficult to the cake.

This cake pan is made by Wilton, so you know that you're going to get the highest quality at the best price. Wilton is known for their shaped cake pans, and this one lives up to their high standards.

Head to Amazon for more details

Spongebob Shaped Cake Pan

This Spongebob Squarepants shaped cake pan is the perfect cake for those that are starting to get the hang of decorating shaped cakes. It's an intermediate difficulty pan because it has much more detail, but not a lot of fine or tricky lines. He's still mainly yellow so there isn't going to be any tricky color mixing.

Before getting into this cake make sure that you are comfortable making straight lines with the icing bag. If you're still struggling with that he won't come out right since he's made up of a bunch of straight lines!

If you're anything like me, you'll end up laughing the whole time you're decorating the cake! Spongebob is so funny that even drawing his eyes and teeth will make you smile.

Pirate Ship Shaped Cake Pan

Are you ready for a challenge? If so, this pirate ship will bring it!

There are thousands of different ways you could decorate this cake, but if it's going to look good there isn't an easy way! There are tons of small details on this cake, and you get to add the rest of the stuff. You can add people (Lego guys work great), the mast, cannons, or anything else you think would fit with the ship. Be prepared to take your time with this cake, it's not one of those that you can throw together in an afternoon. Planning and preparation are key to making this look as good as it can.

This shaped cake pan is made by Nordic Ware, which means that you're going to get restaurant quality bakeware at a good price.

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