Bengali Recipe | Shrimp With Bottle Gourd (Lau Chingri)

Bengali Name: Lau Chingri

I am a food lover. Although I like all the testy dishes my all-time favorite is Bengali cuisine especially Fish Dish. Since long I was thinking of writing several hubs on recipe, but somehow I could not do it! This would be my first hub in this series.

Bengali cuisine is simple to try, less spicy and all ingredients are natural and healthy. I would request you to try it at least once in your lifetime! I swear you will certainly be fond of it.

INGREDIENTS  ( Serves for 2-3)

  1. Bottle gourd 250 gm
  2. Shrimps 75 gm
  3. Mustard oil 4 tsp
  4. Mustard seeds 1 gm
  5. Fenugreek seeds 1 gm
  6. Cumin seeds 1 gm
  7. Fennel seeds 1 gm
  8. Onion seeds 1 gm
  9. Bay leaf 1 no
  10. Ginger pest 1 tsp
  11. Red chilli powder ½ tsp
  12. Salt to test 


  1. Peel and discard the seeds of bottle gourd and then grate it.
  2. Head the oil in a pan till it smokes
  3. Put mustard seeds, fenugreek seeds, cumin seeds, fennel seeds, onion seeds and bay leaf into the oil
  4. Reduce the flame and add ginger paste
  5. Cook till it browns a little
  6. Add cleaned shrimps and sauté till the color of shrimps turns reddish
  7. Add bottle gourd put a lead on the pan
  8. Cook till the bottle gourd become tender
  9. Mix red chilli powder and cook over a high flame till the liquid gets absorbed.

Serve with fine rice

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Comments 4 comments

Zenobia J. profile image

Zenobia J. 6 years ago from Huntington Station

Sounds as if the ingredients will have a fragrant aroma that I can't wait to try, thanks for your recipe. But, I will have to go to my old neighborhood in Jamaica, Queens, where there is the Little India; which is just few blocks away in Jackson Heights, Queens or try in the city on 28th & Lexington for those ingredients.

cupid51 profile image

cupid51 6 years ago from INDIA Author

Thanks Zenobia for stopping by and leaving the beautiful comment. I swear you it would be a mouth-watering dish.

davidseeger profile image

davidseeger 6 years ago from Bethany, OK

Sounds good and looks good, but I have no idea where one could get theingrediants. Oh well, we do have a couple of indian restaurants here. I think this hub has whetted my appetite to go to see what they might have. Thanks for the info.

cupid51 profile image

cupid51 6 years ago from INDIA Author

Thanks davidseeger for your interest in Indian food and also for reading my hub! I hope you can find this dish in an Indian restaurant around your place!

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