Cooking for one? Simple dinner recipes for singles

Quick and easy dinners

As a single person, I know that cooking dinner for one can be difficult. Items in the grocery store are just not made for one person meals. To make matters even worse, if you are eating enough food for two people in one meal you are bound to be single even longer than you'd like. It also seems pretty insane to cook a meal and do dishes when you are only cooking for yourself. This is why I am into the one pot or skillet meals that can get me through dinner without loading up the dishwasher.

I tend to rate meals on the following: Taste, convenience, portion and price. A great easy meal meets all four with high marks. A great meal tastes good, is easy to make and causes little mess, does not leave so much left over that I have to throw any way, but can have some left over for lunch and is a good price for the portion.

If you are into really quick and easy, Bertolli makes really good frozen meals. They are pasta dishes that cook up in less than 10 minutes and they are in the frozen mean section of the grocery store. They are my favorite frozen meals and they get high marks in all four categories. Another very easy frozen meal is pizza. I'm not talking buy the dough and the sauce and everything, I mean get a frozen DiGiorno and throw it in the oven. If you want to add items to it, you can and it is very quick, not messy at all and good for one person.

Another great place for frozen dinners that are meant for one person is They have really, really good meals and they are not very expensive. You can order a ton, keep them in the freezer and cook them when you don't feel like making anything else. There are different ways to heat them up, and some of them are as easy as boil in the bag. When I want to splurge and feel like I am out for dinner, I heat up a meal from dinewise and I can feel like I went out to dinner.

I have also found that I can use the same staple a few days in a row. For example, if I cook ground beef for a spaghetti sauce, I can save some of it and use it for tacos the next day and then use the taco ground beef with chips and salsa the next. It is a great transition and lets me buy a larger amount of beef. If I have chicken breasts then I can barbecue them in the oven, have that one day, use come cut up pieces over salad the next and also have slices for a sandwich. Notice that the dinner gets easier as the week goes by and you don't spend any more money than the initial grocery shopping. What else could a single girl ask for? Other than a dinner date that is.

I have included a link that I use often, and it is a bunch of recipes that are made for one person. It seems silly, but a recipe that says yields 1 serving is actually hard to find. Leave it to the Food Network to make it easy!


Comfort Food for one

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Carmen Borthwick profile image

Carmen Borthwick 6 years ago from Maple Ridge, B.C.

Good hub with some good ideas to spread one day of cooking over two or three.

Melanie Munn 6 years ago

There are many meal delivery services out there, but make sure you choose one that's dedicated to your health and only uses the freshest ingredients.

mx187 profile image

mx187 6 years ago

Some really good information provided here. Glad you can share this with all of us.

PearlCabin 5 years ago

Love the ideas! See mine at

Mark 5 years ago

Thanks, this was helpful!

Dan Creechh 5 years ago

Helpful but I do like to cook. Just can't seem to find ideas with recipes that yeild enough for just one person. Tired of throwing food out because I can't eat it fast enough. Thank you.

Randy 4 years ago

As someone who cooks a lot of single meals, skip the frozen dinners and with another 10-15 minutes you can cook up a meal for one. I'm slowly converting all my recipes over to "serves one" on my blog at

Muridi 4 years ago

Many thanks for this beneficial information you have shared with us!

Stay healthy - check out my site:

michigan 4 years ago

Thank you x 3!

Michael 4 years ago

The link shown above doesn't work other than take you to a rather un-inspiring food network website.

Mary 4 years ago

I need some help with some lunch ideas I'm on my own and just can't find any ideas what to eat for lunch I don't eat fish or meat just chicken I eat mince meat I eat fresh fruit blended with milk I need some ideas PKEASE I AM DESPRATE my email is VERY HARD TO COOK FOR ONE PERSON AND ALSO YOU LOSE MOTIVATION AND GET LAZY I HOPE SOMEONE SENDS ME AN EMAIL

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