Small Plates - The Joy of Eating Tapas, Antipasti or Meze

There is something special about little plates of food, having a selection of vegetables, dairy, meats and fish. There is also something special about the sharing aspect of it too, the little plates spread out on a table where people can pick and choose, create their own combinations and then come back for seconds....or thirds.

Of course 'Little Plates' have been around for a while, in Spain think Tapas, Italy think Antipasti and of course in Greece think Meze.

Tapas are available cold or hot, particular favorites:
Potatoas Bravas - potatoes fried and spiced up
Tortilla de patata - a omelette with potatoe and onion
Chorizo al vino - cooked spicy sausage in wine

Antipasti are more of a starter, served cold - but include:
Olives - any type! - get some with garlic or anchovy in the middle
Meats - cured meats, pepperoni, salami (it doesnt necessarily have to be Italian!)
Cheeses - mozzarella
Roasted Tomatoes

Meze would be:
Hummus - a chickpea, garlic dip
Falafel - a fried ball of chick peas
Dolmades - rice wrapped in vine leaves
Halloumi cheese

But why have just one type, go for all three and more!

What would be little plates from your country? In England I can imagine little traditional dishes of Shephards pie (minced beef topped with mash potato), little fish and chips, fresh mint and pea salad.

Little plates don't have to just stop at savoury food - think sweet too - how about little cheesecake bites or strawberries and cream!

Whatever you choose to make (or buy!), get out your best little dishes, pour them in, set them out and most importantly ENJOY AND SHARE! Yum!

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