Smells Like Long Island Iced Tea

Long Island Iced Tea Look-Alike

The Long Island iced tea is one of the more popular cocktails of all time. This deceivingly sweet cocktail kicks like a mule and rightly so as its laced with gin, vodka, rhum and sometimes tequila. I have a friend who moves in bartenders circles and is a jolly drinker (or at least he used to be until he got diagnosed with diabetes). He was the first to introduce me to the drink. After college, we got together for some catching up and had a few drinks at a local TGI Fridays bar. Now I wanted to get tipsy but am not well versed in the cocktails department. He took me in hand and ordered for me, he even dictated which brands of gin, vodka, rhum and tequilla to use. While I was expecting to get tipsy after hearing what's in the drink, I wasn't at all prepared to get floored though just half way through the drink. I then started to respect this drink.

Now I consider myself a strong drinker, I don't like beer very much but I love vodka. My favorite is vodka and maraschino cherries. I learned that the cherry would act as a sponge taking in the alcohol, so the drink really kicks in after you eat the cherry at the bottom. Gin is alright too so is rhum (with coke) and brandy. Brandy works great with coffee I learned. Tequilla is too ceremonious (lick, shoot, suck) and I really don't want to work for my drink, now if its tequilla sunrise, then that's fine.

I used to go to this pseudo-bartender friend's place on weekends before just to drink and chat. Usually its just the two of us and we could down a bottle of Absolut with the cherries or Fundador with Coke, we'd eat some popcorn, play good music or sing while he plays the guitar, and just laugh the night away. We'd discuss our grand plans and schemes and feel generally good about ourselves. I never drink when I'm sad, I just don't think its a good mix. Drinking is for celebration and not sorrow. Besides, when I'm sad I would very much like to be in complete control of my faculties.

The night of drinking would end with me plastered on the backseat of a cab slurring the directions to my place to a sympathetic driver. Drinking is something I enjoy doing with the right set of friends. Nothing works like alcohol to loosen the mind and the tongue and melt all inhibitions. I don't just drink socially, I drink to get wasted, to let my hair down and act licentiously (without the sex of course hehehe), crawl back to my bed, then blame just about everything on the drink. Nowadays its just red wine or the sparkling stuff, pretty boring.

If there is one treasured knowledge that I learned from Jun (the pseudo bartender friend), before he shunned the drink to take better care of his health, is his recipe for dirty long island iced tea. By dirty I mean the cheap brands of alcohol substituting the expensive ones. I carry this recipe in my mind and have actually used it several times with great success. Its plenty and cheap, it tastes like the expensive stuff and it still kicks like a mule. The recipe I know can provide drinks for an entire party for the whole night, really wholesale stuff. Its best for party people who are out to get wasted and wouldn't have to drive home. It's ideal for people who do not like the strong taste of alcohol but would still want to get drunk. Here goes:

  • 750 ml vodka/gin of any kind
  • 750 ml rhum
  • 1 liter unsweetened pineapple juice
  • 2 liters of coca cola
  • 4-5 tablespoons of the local lemon (calamansi) or real lemon juice
  • lots of ice
  • a 5-liter container with cover to shake the drink in

Now a little layering goes into the mixing and I really don't know why, so the pineapple juice goes in first followed by the rhum, the vodka (or gin) topped by the coke. Close the container and shake vigorously then add the lemon juice. You can pour the contents in a pitcher with lots of ice or straight to a tall glass still with lots of ice and garnish with lemon wedges then serve. Cheers my friends!

highly recommended!
highly recommended!

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Cris A profile image

Cris A 8 years ago from Manila, Philippines

smells like some mean spirits if you ask me! LOL i envy people who can drink and actually like it! I only drink on occasions, or depending on the mood - which ever comes beckoning first - and hard as I try I can only drink as much as my body could allow. I easily turn red all over, palpitations, aww you get the picture! The most I drank, my personal best, is 6 bottles of beer in an 8-hour party. Nevertheless, I've developed a liking for rhum coke, make that Coke Light please! :D

buddygallagher profile image

buddygallagher 8 years ago from manila, philippines Author

I have slowed down pretty much and I only drink when I'm happy. In my heydays I could down eight 500ml bottles of Colt 45 and I don't like beer all that much! Thanks for sharing Cris!

Cris A profile image

Cris A 8 years ago from Manila, Philippines

Eeww I've tried Colt 45 before and Red Horse and guess what? the following day I was stuck in the toilet - but let's not go further into that! Since then, I've settled with San Mig Light, everytime all the time! :D

sheenarobins profile image

sheenarobins 8 years ago from Cebu, Philippines

Wow! You got the kicks here. Nice to know your from Pasay. Used to live in VAB. Welcome to HP. I can see your doing a great job.

countrywomen profile image

countrywomen 8 years ago from Washington, USA

WOW!! I learned something new today. This Tea is as deceptive as the Irish coffee (for a tea totaler like me)..LOL

Lgali profile image

Lgali 8 years ago

nice hub

buddygallagher profile image

buddygallagher 8 years ago from manila, philippines Author

Thanks guys, Im sure we all have our preferred poisons hehehe. I only drink beer when there's nothing else around Cris. Yep Sheena I am indeed from Pasay and the base is quite near my place. Irish coffee is great if you use Kahlua as the cream base, i personally think its better than Baileys Countrywomen. Thanks too Lgali!

Cris A profile image

Cris A 8 years ago from Manila, Philippines

But now that you've mentioned Baileys... can I change favorites? No? Okay :D

buddygallagher profile image

buddygallagher 8 years ago from manila, philippines Author

Hahaha this is indeed a great after dinner cocktail, good dessert substitute

ReuVera profile image

ReuVera 8 years ago from USA

Though I am NOT a drinker or a bar goer, I know this Long Island Iced Tea drink. It’s gorgeous. In my area it is served in a glass jar (a jar like women use for pickling). What’s funny, it doesn’t have any impact on me. May be because I sip it very slowly and ice rocks dilute the alcohol. Long Island Iced Tea does not make me drunk a bit, but half of a glass of Champaign does this to me. Haha.

Chow Spitz Breeder 8 years ago

HEHEHE! I have to admit, I do miss the old days from time to time. But not particularly the time when u had an "accident" in my car! Oh well, here's to the Long Island Iced Tea!

buddygallagher profile image

buddygallagher 8 years ago from manila, philippines Author

Believe me the one served in TGIF packs a mean punch ReuVera, or maybe it was just my friend who had the waiter lace the drink with more alcohol hehehe.

Chow Spitz Breeder! my old friend, you really had to say that eh? And from what I remember that wasn't even your car man it was your dad's! Thanks for making a special appearance here! I love that you read this hub as its about you man! I hope I got the recipe right.

hedonista profile image

hedonista 8 years ago

Hey there! I like Long Island Iced Tea. Agree with deceivingly sweet and innocent. This concoction is so much like Mai Tai and Tequila Sunrise. Now, my tastebud's craving. I can't wait to drown it with those. Started drinking pretty young when I intentionally opened and deceivingly think that Carlsberg I found in our fridge is a soda drink. That was 10 years ago. Even my autobiography is about my fascination with alcohol entitled "Inside a Beer Bubble". Lol. I look forward to drinking with you again. I think the last time was at Cena, the margarita round with Tin, Yumi, Lala, Paris and Ceejaye. I'll introduce you to a cheap thrill I recently discovered: Infinit, bottled margarita. Only 25php. Cheers!

buddygallagher profile image

buddygallagher 8 years ago from manila, philippines Author

yey! i will look forward to that hedonista! i miss the old days terribly, the gang and of course, the booze.

HRH 6 years ago

Long Island Ice(d) Teas have FIVE liquors. You're missing probably the most important one.... the triple sec. Vodka gin rum tequila triple sec, in equal parts, with either lemon juice or sour mix. A splash of cola is optional.

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