Splenda Sweetened Diet Soft Drinks

For years, I drank several diet soft drinks every day. However, after discovering that some health problems I was experiencing were tied to the aspartame used to sweeten my favorite beverages, I had to give them up cold turkey.

However, a few years ago, soft drink manufacturers began using Splenda® instead of aspartame in some or all of their diet soft drink products. While I haven't gone back to my "6 pack per day" diet coke habit, the availability of diet soft drinks sweetened with Splenda® has allowed me to start enjoying soft drinks again!

What Is Splenda?

"SPLENDA® No Calorie Sweetener contains sucralose (SPLENDA® Brand Sweetener), the no calorie sweetener made from sugar, so it tastes like sugar, with no unpleasant aftertaste." - Source: Splenda.com

How can I tell what sweetener is used in a soft drink?

Check the ingredient label to find out what type of sweetener is used in a soft drink. If you see Splenda® or sucralose listed, the drink is sweetened with Splenda®. Additionally, some diet soft drinks containers are imprinted with the logo of the brand of sweetener.

What are some examples of Splenda® sweetened soft drinks?

Diet Coke - (Look for the Splenda® logo on the front. Some Diet Coke is sweetened with aspartame and come contains Splenda®. In my area, some supermarkets carry both types of Diet Coke, but many only have the aspartame version.)

Pepsi One - (Most retailers that carry Pepsi Products carry Pepsi One.)

Diet Rite (Diet Rite sodas are available in a number of great flavors, including cola, tangerine, white grape, red raspberry, and cherry cola. See Diet Rite for more information.)

Jones Diet Sodas - (These tasty sodas are available in black cherry, cream soda, cola, green apple, and other great flavors. In my area, they are available at Target, WalMart, Winn Dixie, and a number of convenience stores. See the Jones store locator to find an outlet near you.)

Hansen's Diet Sodas - (These tasty sodas are available in black cherry, peach, kiwi strawberry, tangerine lime, ginger ale, root beer, and grapefruit. I have found these in Trader Joe's when visiting relatives in Arizona and my local health food store has special ordered them for me. For more information, see Hansens.com. )

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fluffy42 profile image

fluffy42 9 years ago from San Diego, CA

Splenda may be perfect for most people, but a small percentage of people have severe negative reactions to it. I wrote a page on my experience. Just wanted to let you know it is not for everyone.

Online Income profile image

Online Income 8 years ago from Glenwood, MN USA

I have heard that aspartame/nutrasweet turns into wood alcohol either when it heats up (say if you keep it in your garage) & also that it has negative effects on your stomach, although I don't remember offhand what those are...I have wondered if splenda has any of the same side effects or is it totally safe?

Jackie 8 years ago

Most of the studies on Splenda that have resulted in negative results, were done on rats. I just found a site where someone was hocking their book claiming Splenda is dangerous, by use of these studies. Apperantly there are just some people out there, who can't comprehend that people are not rats.

The small percentage of people who have had severe negative reactions to it, can be accounted for as:

1. People who have had gained a condition, at the same time they happened to be using Splenda. Therfore them making the correlation that Splenda caused their problem or disease, when really it would've happened had they not been using Splenda.

2. People who are mentally unstable who might have hypochondria, or Munchausen's Syndrome where they invent diseases to gain attention from medical staff. These people also tend to post their stories online for more attention, only providing needless scare information about a perfectly healthy sweetener.

Splenda says in their FAQ Sucralose is made from the same chlorine found in foods like mushrooms, lettuce. So if you are afraid Splenda is unsafe, I guess you should be afraid of eating those vegetables too!

Mark 7 years ago

For the record, in all the studies that say Splenda is unsafe, even in rats, please pay attention to the amount of Splenda the rats are ingesting. Most dangerous levels would in rats would be equal to a human eating somewhere between 4,000 to 11,000 packets of Splenda a day for a minimum one month period. Other than that, all other studies say Splenda is one of only two sweeteners that are completely safe for humans. The other is neotame, but is not readily used in the US. For the record, the grocery store Food Lion has an entire line of store branded soft drinks that were sweetened with Splenda, however, they recently (like in the past 2 weeks as of 27Jan2010) converted back to using aspartame.

Didi 7 years ago

Aspartame is dangerous and gives me migraines, but I LOVE my Splenda sweetened drinks.

Mark 6 years ago

Thank goodness for PEPSI ONE and Diet COKE with Splenda. Nutrasweet/Aspartame gives me horrible migrane headaches that even 1,000mg of Ibruprofen won't fix. I consume massive amounts of Splenda, for the last few years, and I am fine. I just wish there were more products that used Splenda.

magicboop 6 years ago

Pepsi one has aspartame in it. They use sucralose, and aspartame to sweeten it.

Angel 6 years ago

You are SO right Mark! I get the same headaches when I drink anything with Aspartame in it. No headaches with Splenda though.

personalizit 6 years ago

It took me a while to figure out why I wasn't thinking straight and had a dizzy feeling. It was aspartame. I switched to Splenda and feel great. I'm sold on Splenda, but I've had a hard time finding Splenda drinks since moving to SW Florida.

Logic 6 years ago

@ magicboop "Pepsi one has aspartame in it. They use sucralose, and aspartame to sweeten it."

NO IT DOESN'T. read the label stupid! it only has sucralose (splenda).

mgwhite profile image

mgwhite 6 years ago from Mobile, AL Author

You can be sure if a product has aspartame in it by checking the label. Any time a label says that the product "Contains Phenylalanine", it has aspartame in it.

jaywhite2000 profile image

jaywhite2000 6 years ago from Atlanta

Never knew diet Coke was available with Splenda--sure haven't seen any here in Atlanta! Diet Rite has no carbs, no calories, no sugar, no sodium, no aspartame! Win-win..but even that gets tiring after awhile. Glad to have to list of others to check out. Thanks.

Logic 6 years ago

Waist Watcher is also sweetened with Splenda. It taste awesome and they have a ton of flavors;

Ginger Ale


Root Beer

Cola - Caffeine Free


Raspberry Ale

Chocolate Soda

Black Cherry

Vanilla Cream

Citrus Frost

Cherry Cola

Logic 6 years ago

Oops... forgot Grape!

Logic 6 years ago

Sucralose (not sure if it's Splenda brand) is used in most of the sugar-free energy drinks too like Red Bull, Rockstar etc.

rosemary 6 years ago

i had excruciating pain in my feet even had injections from a podiatrist then i found out about aspertame and it's affects on the body stopped and no more pain what else does it do to the body it is poision to me

Cindy 6 years ago

I have been a Type 1 diabetic for 27 years. Back in the 80's they only had aspertame. So for the last 26 1/2 years I have used aspertame. But, was having some horrible health issues, mainly headaches and swelling. I was so swollen at one point I ended up in the hospital for a couple of days. On my own I thought maybe it's the Crystal Light that I drink. The was my main drinking source. So I stopped drinking Crystal Light and started making my own drink with Splenda, Lemon Juice and Lime Juice. And the swelling and headaches disappeared. Then I found Diet Rite and I'm a happy camper about that. I see Logic mentioned Waist Watchers, I'm going to look into that.

maurice J. Boersig 6 years ago

I donot see a way I c an order sodas on line please ell me how

maurice J. Boersig 6 years ago

I would likwe to order drinks on line

recipe club 5 years ago

You know that you can make your own soda! Just get some cheap soda water, and some cheap flavored syrup. That way you know exactly what's in it.

Tina 5 years ago

My favorite - PEPSI ONE, but it hasn't been on the shelves recently. I don't know if it's been discontinued or what. So I bought Diet RC Cola -- has splenda and caffeine, as compared to Diet Rite which has none, if I remember right. My other favorite -- Diet Big Red and it's usually available in convenience stores when the other aren't.

Suzanne 5 years ago

Tina , I live in Dallas, TX and looked for the last month for my Pepsi One. None to be found anywhere here. I called the local Pepsi distributor. They have stopped selling it here in the Dallas area, due to not enough demand. I have been drinking it since it came out. It's the best diet drink out there. They still make it and sell it in other states, I know they have it Maryland, my daughter lives there. I haven't found a good replacement yet but looking.

ken 5 years ago

you may want to think twice about using anything with spleda in it


Hunter 5 years ago

Dads Diet Root Beer is also made with sucralose. Enjoy!

ange 5 years ago

I travel quite a bit. I haven't found Pepsi One in quite some time (looked in some stores in Tn, OK and NY). I'm afraid it may be gone. Diet Coke with Splenda seems to be getting scarce as well, though I did find it in a Walmart in southern Tennessee.

ange 5 years ago

Found Diet Bubba Cola in Oklahoma (it was actually good!) and Publix's brand in Tennessee. When I found the Waist Watchers, it was in Upstate NY. On the rare occasion I want to pay for an energy drink, Diet Rockstar is ok. I hope Food Lion didn't really change its diet soda sweetener.

Carrie 5 years ago

You might want to check out a little more of the website. It touts a "cure" for diabetes. There is no cure, there is only control.

"ken 4 months ago

you may want to think twice about using anything with spleda in it


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