St. Patrick's Day Dessert Ideas


What better way to celebrate a holiday than having themed food. Here are some dessert ideas for St. Patrick's Day to help complete your holiday themed meal.

Simple St. Patrick's Day Dessert Ideas

  • Bake your favorite rolled cookies, cut them with a shamrock cookie cutter and sprinkle with green sugar before baking.
  • Make or purchase a green dessert such as key lime pie, pistachio pudding or chocolate chip mint ice cream.
  • Bake your favorite cupcakes or layer cake and decorate with green frosting and chocolate coins.
  • Lime Jell-O

Semi-Homemade St. Patrick's Day Desserts

  • Bake up a batch of brownies using a mix. Prepare your favorite frosting recipe substituting Irish Cream Liqueur for the milk. Spread cooled brownies with frosting and decorate with green sprinkles.
  • Clover Crispies
  • Make cupcakes from a mix, frost them and decorate with marshmallows from a box of Lucky Charms Cereal.
  • Make a simple fudge and decorate with green sprinkles.

St. Patrick's Day Dessert Ideas for the Adventurous

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Pinkchic18 profile image

Pinkchic18 5 years ago from Minnesota

Guinness Cake? Irish creme brulee? Yes please :) these sound delicious! Great hub!

Sharon McConnell profile image

Sharon McConnell 5 years ago from Gilbert, Arizona Author


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