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Photo credit: Flickr/jamieanne
Photo credit: Flickr/jamieanne

Starbucks Via, the new take on instant coffee, has been making a big splash in the coffee world. A lot of people thought that Starbucks was sullying its good name by venturing into territory formerly held by Folgers Crystals and Sanka! But Via has proved to be surprisingly popular. The question everyone wants to know is, is Starbucks Via good?

In short: it depends. What are you comparing it to?

Starbucks Via is not as good as a cup of coffee that I brew myself at home, using freshly ground beans and one of my favorite blends. It’s nowhere near as good, in fact. The taste lacks depth, and there is that troubling “texture” at the end, leftover powder grit that swirls in the bottom of the cup.

However, Starbucks Via is better than the drip coffee that you usually get at a Starbucks coffee house. Even Starbucks employees acknowledge that their drip coffee is terrible. I don’t know what they do to it there, but it’s awful! Therefore, it is good news that Starbucks is planning to replace their drip coffee with on-demand creation of a cup of Via instead.

More to the point, Starbucks Via instant coffee is a lot better than no coffee, or the coffee that you get when you are traveling. Think of all the terrible cups of coffee you have suffered through on the road. The airplane coffee, the airport coffee, the gas station coffee… let’s face it, there is a lot of bad coffee in the world!

Because each serving is individually wrapped and portable, you now need only two things to make a pretty decent cup of coffee: a cup, and some hot water. Most coffee addicts have a favorite travel mug that they bring with them, and it’s fairly easy to get hot water. Even tap water would do in a pinch.

I used to travel for business a lot. Believe me, if Starbucks Via had existed then, it would have made a huge difference in my quality of life! I suffered through a lot of crappy single serve coffee made in those tiny hotel coffee pots.

On my last business trip, the hotel didn’t even offer a coffee pot! (I guess people use them to make meth.) I had to suffer through my morning routine completely uncaffeinated, until I could make my way down the concourse to the nearest Starbucks café.

This is where Starbucks Via really shines: in places where there is no coffee, or where the coffee is very bad. I recommend that any coffee drinker tuck a few packets of Via into their bags when they travel, because you never know where your next cup of coffee is coming from! With Starbucks Via, at least you know it will be relatively decent. 

Buy some packets of Starbucks Via now!

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