Stilton salad recipe

Stilton salad
Stilton salad

Stilton salad

The mildness of melon is a wonderful accompaniment to the strong taste of Stilton, one of the best English cheeses. All cheese is a good source of calcium - particularly important for growing children and especially for girls, who need to start protecting themselves against bone-thinning osteoporosis as soon as they are in their teens. (Serves 2)

Cucumber: 0.5, peeled, de-seeded and cubed

Melon: 0.5, cubed

Cherry tomatoes: 6, quartered

Stilton cheese: 175g

Vinaigrette dressing: 4 tablespoon

Crusty bread: to serve

Put the cucumber, melon and tomatoes into a bowl / Crumble over the Stilton / Pour on the dressing / Pack in small containers to be served with chunks of crusty bread.

Even though the strong flavour of Stilton is softened by the melon, this may not be to all Children's taste's so substitute the Stilton with cubes of a milder cheese like Edam.

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