Strawberry Picking Virgin

My wife is from Manila: Her first time on a farm picking anything.

HGTV has a show called, "Property Virgin", about first time (virgin) home buyers. So, for someone who has never picked strawberries before, they would be a "Strawberry Pickin' Virgin".

My pretty Philippine wife grew up in Manila - not a good place to have a garden or visit a farm. She told me her house had a yard - but when I visited the first time, the yard was all concrete - nothing was growing there!

Since being in the USA, she saw fruit trees in people's yards on TV, and thought that was a great thing. She was excited to see that my mom and step-dad had an Apple Tree in their yard on our first visit to their house - but the apples weren't ripe yet. So for 2 years now, I often get reminded that she wants to go to an Apple Orchard. She also heard of 'Pick Your Own' strawberry farms. So I 'hear' about that too. Apparently going to the Supermarket, or Whole Foods Market, or a big farmer's market didn't satisfy her 'wants'.

Strawberry Field - Click photo to see full-size image

"Strawberry Fields Forever" - uh, For-a-day.
"Strawberry Fields Forever" - uh, For-a-day.

The Vollmer Farm in Bunn, NC (close to Raleigh, NC)

We heard about this Pick Your Own Strawberry Farm which grows their strawberries organically. Their website states, "...strawberries are one of the "dirty dozen" fruits and vegetables? Environmental Working lists strawberries as a produce it considers important to buy organic because their conventionally grown counterparts tend to be laden with pesticides." So we went Organic.

If she picks a lot, it'll be "Strawberry Leftovers Forever"

Bucket of Organic Strawberries

It didn't take long, but she picked her first bucket of organic strawberries.

If she picks another bucket, then we will have plenty for strawberry leftovers,..



Photo Tips:

A fellow strawberry picker offered to take our photo together. As often happens, sometimes people's heads or feet are 'cut out' of the photo. 

Photo 1

Photo 2

Photo 1: She clicked the first photo as I was directing her to shoot vertical. I only lost 1 foot in this horizonat photo, but my wife's eyes were closed too. Composition is important - no unnecessary cutting off of people's heads or feet.




Photo 2: OK, we have all feet, both heads, 2 smiles, and all eyes are open - but suddenly the earth slanted to the right. Hmmm, maybe Obama's multi-trillion dollar mountain of debt - in $100 bills - was stacked on the right side of the field?

Photo 3

Photo 3: It helps to have Paint Shop Pro 8. I was able to 'level the field' by putting Obama's Ego on the left side of the field. ;-)




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John Juneau profile image

John Juneau 7 years ago from Sierra Nevadas

I am a fan of rural living. Of course I am glad that lots of folks live in cities, because if they didn't it would be too crowded in the places I love.

It is interesting to see what children come to know and understand about the world based on where they grow up and how much travel they experience. When I was young we heard coyotes howl at night and always were aware that rattlesnakes could be nearby. I now live in an area with lots of 4H and FFA activities. It is impressive to see these young people raising pigs, goats, sheep, bulls, etc.

When one of my daughters was travelling with some of her fellow college students who had been raised in the city, they were quite excited as they passed dairy herds in California's Central Valley area. I bet they were thrilled with the smell as well. LOL

I lived in the city just up through kindergarten. Our school had a small garden area and some farm animals. That is something rarely seen anymore. Too bad. Some kids grow up thinking fruit is manufactured at the grocery store.

Websense profile image

Websense 7 years ago from Raleigh, NC Author

John Juneau - Thanks for your comment. While my wife was growing up in the Philippines, she thought all of America was like the farm country we were driving through to get to the strawberry field.

I wrote this article mostly for fun - an easy assignment compared to what I had written and am about to write - God and Politics. :-)

IslandVoice profile image

IslandVoice 7 years ago from Hawaii

I enjoyed this hub very much, one like your wife, i'm Filipina, and my husband (a handsome white male!). like you come from North Carolina (Tryon). We moved to Hawaii several years back to be close to family. And, of course, the strawberries are super yummy!

James A Watkins profile image

James A Watkins 6 years ago from Chicago

I do love me some strawberry shortcake. Your wife looks like a very nice lady. You should be proud to have yourself a virgin. It's a dream come true.

Jesshubpages 4 years ago

We have a strawberry fields in La Trinidad Benguet Philippines but it's not as beautiful as it is in your photos. Say Hi to your wife...from a kababayan

Jessie Dalaqui

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