Strawberry Recipe. Simple Quick and Easy Dessert Recipes with Strawberries.


Strawberry Recipes.

Strawberries. Ideas for easy strawberry desserts and how to make them.

Strawberries the very name conjures up the pleasures of summer.

The most popular way to eat strawberries is the most traditional and simple way with just the fresh strawberries and cream.

There are other interesting ways to eat strawberries which are as simple to prepare. The strawberry recipes here will provide a desirable dessert even for those who have no cooking skills.

For cooks the strawberry presents lots of possibilities to expand their dessert recipe repertoire.

What to look for when buying strawberries.

When buying strawberries select the ones that have that lovely fragrant strawberry smell. Look for fruits that are ripe but not squishy or discoloured. Green strawberries will not have the flavour or texture of ripe strawberries.

Do not remove the green tops of the strawberry until you are ready to eat or prepare them. They will lose flavour quicker without this so when picking strawberries in the garden remember to leave that on the fruit.

If the strawberries you buy are too tart/not sweet enough and you want to eat them as they are or with cream - slice them in half sprinkle with sugar and leave for half an hour to absorb the sweetness.

The Simplest Strawberry Recipe.

Strawberries in Wine.

A simple but delightful way to serve summer strawberries.

Wash your strawberries, drain them or pat them dry gently.

Slice the strawberries in half or quarters if they are large and put them in a glass or china bowl.

Sprinkle wine over your bowl of strawberries.

You may like to try this recipe with different wines. I like it with a sparkling white wine as it reminds me of the first time I had strawberries served in this way in Italy.

Some people like to use Beaujolais or a light,fruity red wine.

Stand the bowl in a cool place for about half an hour before serving.

You may need to keep the location of the bowl hidden, as the strawberries are very tempting to kitchen visitors.

That is it, now you just need to sit back and enjoy the strawberry desert you have prepared and the praise it will earn you.

Strawberries with Basil.

This is a recipe for those who like something a bit different.

Some people serve strawberries with a small amount of freshly ground black peppercorns.

I prefer my strawberries as the recipe above but this idea might make an unusual desert.

The Quantity here is enough for two people.

225g which is 8 oz of strawberries.

A little squeeze of fresh lemon juice.

A couple of finely shred basil leaves. (Adjust this amount to your own taste preference)

Prepare the strawberries as in the above recipe - and cut them in half.

Squeeze the lemon juice over them.

Now scatter the basil leaves over the strawberries.

Turn the fruit over gently with a spoon to spread the lemon and basil over the berries.

Leave at room temperature for about a quarter of an hour.

Strawberries with Liqueur.

Experiment with different liqueurs to discover which flavours you prefer when put together with the strawberry.

(Recipe Tip: - Spread your experiments out - as trying all the liqueurs in one evening may give you a headache.)

You will want to select a liqueur that compliments rather than over-powers the delicate flavour of the strawberry.

Cassis the liqueur made from blackcurrants is a good one to start with as it goes well with the taste of strawberry. For Cassis use 2 large spoonfuls other liqueurs may require less.

Again prepare as the first strawberry recipe.

Sprinkle the liqueur over the fruit.

Stand the strawberry dessert for 15 min. at room temperature before serving.

Try serving with thick yogurt or similar.

Strawberries and Summer, why the two go together.

Strawberries and cream, to the English this treat is associated with summer and the English summer months. At the Wimbledon Tennis Tournament bowls of strawberries and cream are sold at the famous tennis club. Strawberries have often been sold as a summer treat at village fetes.

Years ago strawberries were sold on local markets from June onwards and strawberries were not available when they were out of season.

However now you can buy strawberries all the year round in the supermarkets so maybe the excitement of biting into the first strawberry of the year no longer exists.

Except for those people who grow their own strawberries and then the pleasure of eating the first few strawberries that you have picked from the garden is still a delight as the unmistakable flavour burst onto your taste buds.

Wickedly indulgent way to serve strawberries

World's easiest fast and tasty dessert.

Strawberries,chocolate cake and cream dessert.

This is so easy to put together if you are in a hurry for a tasty luxury dessert, on a plate put a slice of the nicest chocolate cake you can buy or make, mmm, you can cut the strawberries in half if they are large or leave them whole (wash and dry them and remove the green part), now serve these two tasty treats with a drizzle of cream over them. If you serve wine with this it might suit a sweet white wine best. Enjoy!! The strawberry and chocolate cake dessert and the compliments you will get about this dessert.

If you want to make your strawberry jam here is a helpful video...

Use your own grown strawberries in your recipes.

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2uesday 4 years ago from - on the web, I am 2uesday. Author

N.B. The difference between jampote and compote is that jampote is sweeter and more jammy in texture than compote. It is easy to adjust the compote recipe linked in the article above to make it into jampote.

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PaperNotes 6 years ago

will try that strawberry with wine soon. Thank you.

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2uesday 6 years ago from - on the web, I am 2uesday. Author

Thank you Anna Marie - strawberries are one of my favourite fruits too.

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Anna Marie Bowman 6 years ago from Florida

Yum! I absolutely love strawberries! I will be trying some of these!

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2uesday 6 years ago from - on the web, I am 2uesday. Author

Thank you prasetio, I like fruit recipes to be simple so that I can use the fruit I grow while it is fresh and tasty, and strawberries like most fruits are healthy foods too.

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prasetio30 6 years ago from malang-indonesia

I love strawberry very much. You have the simplest strawberry recipes and I really enjoy your recipes. Thumbs up for you.

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2uesday 6 years ago from - on the web, I am 2uesday. Author

Hi Micky, strawberries are a healthy food it is the other foods we add to them that are either full of sugar,fat or something that is supposed to be bad for us to eat. Thank you, I hope all is going well for you on the cycle rides.

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Beautiful! Ummm!

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