Strawberry and vanilla smoothie recipe

Strawberry and vanilla smoothie
Strawberry and vanilla smoothie

Strawberry and vanilla smoothie

Who can resist the soft red colour and succulent smell of good strawberries? But in the height of summer, even the most ardent fan might groan inwardly at the thought of yet another bowl of strawberries and cream, so here's a different way to take advantage of this fabulous fruit. Strawberries contain large amounts of malic acid, one of nature's anti-inflammatories. they also contain beta-carotene, iron and vitamin C, which makes them good for anaemia, and they help the body get rid of uric acid, so they are a deliciously beneficial food for those with arthritis and other joint problems. And the fromage frais and milk give you a good supply of calcium, too. (Serves 4-6)

Strawberries: 450g

Fromage frais: 400g

Milk: 300ml

Vanilla essence: 4-8 dashes (or to taste)

Wash and hull the strawberries / Put them into a blender with the fromage frais and milk and blend until smooth / Pour into glasses and stir in vanilla essence to taste / Serve.

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