Sufi Spiced Coffee

The Sufis, said to be the mystics inside of Islam (though they say there are Sufis in every religion and sprinkled through society), are supposed to have been the discoverers of the coffee bean and its useful properties. They were said to brew it to keep them warm and alert during the cold winter nights in the desert, and to help them through their nights of devotions.

From a friend of a friend, the recipe for Sufi Spiced Coffee has passed into my hands. It's really quite simple. You can mix the ground spices and store them, or you can grind the spices yourself and pack them into a container. You also have the option of putting the ground spice into the grinder with the beans and grinding it together, or simply sprinkling the spice on top of the ground coffee before brewing.

Either way, it's a memorable treat. You can also add a little vanilla extract if you like.

In the following recipe, substitute "ounce" or "gram" or any other measure for "part". If you use a teaspoon measure, you will find that the recipe yields enough to fill about 3/4 of a small (1 oz or 25 gm) McCormick spice container.

  1. 4 parts cinnamon (Vietnamese or Ceylonese is best)
  2. 2 parts nutmeg
  3. 1 part allspice
  4. 1 part cardamom

Use a lot of this spice. For a big pot of coffee (64 oz or 2 liters), a tablespoon (15 ml) is not too much. If you are making coffee for two, try half a teaspoon (2.5 ml).


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