Sugar in the Cornbread, Appalling!

For many years now, I have argued with people far and wide on the issue of sugar in the cornbread. I am a purist and find this to be sacrilege.

So, I decided to do a completely unscientific survey of sugar versus no sugar by location. I once read a breakdown of how people refer to carbonated beverages. Some folks say "soda" while others use only the word "pop" and those of us in eastern Kentucky say "soda pop." Apparently, it's very regional.

Crispy Crust or Cakey Crust?

I suspect this is true with cornbread as well. There's also the question of a crispy crust rendered by cooking the cornbread in a smoking hot cast-iron skillet with bacon grease or the golden yellow thin crusted "cake like" cornbread made in a baking dish (usually square).

My people come from Eastern Kentucky and southern West Virginia. We eschew sugar. Cornmeal, buttermilk, flour, baking powder, baking soda, salt, and water are the only required ingredients. Some will add corn kernels and bacon bits but this is often frowned upon.

Please click your choices below and I'll follow up this short hub with the results and some recipes. If you can, leave me a comment telling me where you are from.

Perfect Cornbread

Should cornbread have sugar in it? (This includes the addition of creamed corn for sweetness.)

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What type of crust is best?

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Eastern Kntucky & Southern West Virginia

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Comments 6 comments

CYBERSUPE profile image


Love cornbread and oh by the way --no sugar. Will follow to see how this plays out.

Yes, sugar 6 years ago

May I just say I prefer sweet cornbread instead of saying it "should" or "should not" have sugar? One really has to wonder about the defensive attitude!

Georzetta profile image

Georzetta 6 years ago from Pennsylvania Author

You got me on the defensive attitude! :-) I am supper sensitive to anything sweet. I can not count the number of potlucks that have ruined dinner with sweet cornbread.

KristenBrockmeyer profile image

KristenBrockmeyer 6 years ago from Augusta, MI

Must confess, I'm a sweet cornbread lover. I've tried to make it in my cast-iron skillet as well and it's just not the same. I'm from Michigan, though, where we like our cornbread sweet and our iced tea bitter. Interesting survey! :)

Georzetta profile image

Georzetta 6 years ago from Pennsylvania Author

I agree with you about the tea thing. Just the thought of sweet tea makes my stomach flop.

I can only hope you will come to a higher understanding of cornbread. ;-)

Charlie C 6 years ago

This subject intrigued me and I had to check it out. You might say I’m somewhat on the fence regarding sugar in cornbread. I add it to my scratch mix, but only enough to take the sharp edge off the taste. I usually add about 2 to 3 tablespoons per 2 cups of stone ground meal. And by all means you’ve got to add about 2-3 tablespoons of pure melted bacon grease and bake it in an iron skillet until golden brown on top and dark brown on the bottom.

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