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How to make sushi

Maki sushi is one of the most popular styles of sushi in the U.S. It is characterized by the long tubular shape that is cut into rolls. The "rolls" are typically filled with sushi rice, vegetables, and seafood.

Maki sushi generally has less raw fish than other styles of sushi. It also allows for a lot of creativity and variety in its fillings, and is therefore most "sushi virgins" favorites to try first.

What You Will Need

Sushi Ingredients

Nori (Seaweed Sheets) - an edible type of seawood used in many Asian foods. It is typically dried or toasted, and sold in uniform sheets.

Sushi Rice - a short-grained rice cooked with a rice vinegar, sugar, and salt mixture, better known for its sticky consistency

Sliced Vegetables - most common vegetables used in sushi is avocado, cucumber, sprouts, carrots, and radish

Sliced Raw Fish - some of the more common fish used in sushi are yellowtail, salmon, tuna, red snapper, and halibut

Rolling Mat - rolling mat that assists in rolling the sushi rice, vegetables, and fish together into a long roll, typically made of bamboo or plastic

Maki Sushi Making Instructions

Once thought to be one of the more difficult styles of sushi to create, the emergence of sushi making kits into the consumer market have made this delicacy much easier to make at home. A typical sushi making kit includes nori, sushi rice, seasonings, press mold, rolling mat, rice paddle and instructions. Some of the more inclusive kits will also include soy sauce, wasabi (powdered), ginger, and chopsticks.

These next step by step instructions assume all the ingredients have been prepared. Please see other hubs to learn how to prepare sushi rice, fish, and vegetables.

Step One: Spread Rice on Nori

How to make sushi step by step

Take one nori sheet and place it shiny side down on the rolling mat (bamboo is best). Moisten hands with vinegar (water can be used, but vinegar is best to reduce sticking and to keep rice from getting too soggy) spread sushi over the sheet of nori. You will want to leave about a 1/2 inch space free of rice and ingredients for when you are ready to roll the sheet. When placing the rice on the nori, it is important to place it gently and not to press or smush the rice. Also, leave the outsides edges slightly thinner. This helps with rolling.

Step Two: Add Fillings

How to make sushi step by step

When adding fillings, remember "less is more". You want to be careful not to make your fillings too thick otherwise it will be difficult to roll. Place your fish and vegetables horizontally across the nori, on the opposite end of where you left the 1/2 inch space. You also do not want to place the fillings right on the edge of the nori, move it about 1/4 of an inch. When placing the fillings, make sure to place them close together. You may place some fillings on top of each other.

Step Three: Roll Sushi

How to make sushi step by step

Moisten the 1/2 inch edge of nori (has no rice) with vinegar. Then begin rolling, at the opposite end. Begin folding the roll to include all of your fillings in the first roll. As you complete the first rotation, do not continue rolling the bamboo under and into your roll. Once you have completed the first roll, you want to then pull the bamboo mat straight but continue to roll the nori firmly. Continue rolling until nori roll has rolled just past the 1/2 inch edge of nori that has no rice. This should "seal" the roll like an envelope.

Step Four: Cut and Serve

How to make sushi step by step

Remove the completed sushi roll from the bamboo mat and place seam side down on a cutting board. Typically, a sushi roll is cut into eight equal pieces. You can cut them thicker, however it is not recommended to try to get more than eight pieces out of a standard size nori. Moisten the knife with water or vinegar before cutting. To get eight even pieces, it is best to cut the roll in half, then each half in half again, and then each of those halves in half again. Place the rolls on a decorative plate, add thin slices of ginger, some wasabi and soy sauce and you are ready to eat.

Sushi Making Demonstration

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Thank you this is a cool hub. Now I want to make some sushi.

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