Tartar Sauce and Cocktail Sauce

And how to prepare horseradish, and make different types of relish

These are two of the most basic sauces to accompany seafood.

For your basic cocktail sauce you will need two parts of ketchup to one part of prepared horseradish. Horseradish is suprisinging easy to prepare. Begin by thoroughly cleaning and peeling the horseradish root. This is the most time consuming step. Next grate the horesradish into a bowl and add enough vinegar (or another acid) to moisten. Cover the bowl with plastic wrap and allow it to sit for several hours. When you are ready to make the cocktail sauce mix two parts of prepared ketchup with one part of prepared horseradish. Add more or less horsewradish depending on how strong you want your coctail sauce to be.

Note: I also add a dash or two of hot sauce in my coctail sauce.

The most basic tartar sauce is one part pickle relish to one part mayonaise. I usually add worcestershire sauce for color, a little saracha hot sauce for extra flavor and a bit of lemon juice. For a twist flavor the tartar sauce with curry powder.

Relish could be any number of things for the most basic relish I will fine chop anbout sick kosher dill pickle spears with several slices of raw onion. Another relish that I found to be quite tasty in tartar sauce constisted of finely chopped apples.

What you will need for apple tartar sauce is one apple finely diced, a squirt of lemon juice, a teaspoon of honey, a pinch or red pepper flakes, about a tablespoon of finely diced red onion and a quarter cup of mayonaise.

Mix the apple, honey, lemon juice, red onion and red pepper flakes seperately and allow to marinate for about fifteen minutes. Mix with the mayonaise.

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