Dao's Bar

Dao's Bar

'Dao's Bar' is a small bar situated on Third Road in the city of Pattaya in Thailand. This 'Deliciously Different' bar is right next door to 'The Castle' and the 'Buffalo Bar'.It is not difficult to find and just a fifteen minute walk from Beach Road, four minute from Soi Bukhao and five minutes from Soi Honey.

Any motorcycle taxi knows the whereabouts of the Buffalo Bar so you will have no trouble finding the place.

This cosy little bar serves the best Isaan Food in Pattaya. Som Tam or Pappaya is a must try. How spicy can you take it?

Pad Thai

Photo by:  http://www.flickr.com/people/unfaltering/
Photo by: http://www.flickr.com/people/unfaltering/

Chicken Soup

Dao's Bar serves the most delicious Thai (Isaan) Food from early afternoon till late evening. It is very popular with local working girls and many will order their meals a day in advance. This allows the freshest ingredients to be purchased in the morning.

All food is FRESH, very reasonably priced and purchased from the market daily and prepared as you order. If you want real unforgettable Thai food then place your order on your visit and return the following day to eat. Remember, Isaan food can be very spicy so state your preferance.

If English food is your preference then the choice is limited to Chicken Soup but it is the most delicious chicken soup in the world. Customers return time and again for it. This is Chicken Soup for the body and soul. Chicken Soup to remember.


Photo by:  http://www.flickr.com/people/harry_purnama/
Photo by: http://www.flickr.com/people/harry_purnama/

Yaa Dong

Yaa Dong is sometimes available.

Yaa Dong is very popular among Thai's but quickly becomes a favorite of Westerners who give it a try. The whiskey is served in small glasses along with a glass of 'special' water and a tasty berry snack. It is very cheap. Each glass costs as little as 10 Thai Baht.

Sadly many tourists believe they have tried Thai Whiskey when they order it in a bar. They are usually served a Thai Rum, which is completely different. For the REAL Thai Whiskey try Yaa Dong in Dao's Bar.

Note: Taste of Thailand no longer stocks Yaa Dong but it could be ordered in on request.


The clientele of Dao's Bar is a mixed bag of very friendly people, from local working girls, taxi drivers and people of all ages and ex-pats of nationalities.

You are always assured of a welcome in Dao's Bar. Any excuse for a party and you will have a good time.

Next to the Buffalo Bar

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