Tea - its uses and how to make it

Tea is a leaf of tea plant. Tea is a common and popular drink in Bangladesh and all over the world. People from all sectors take it. It refreshes our body and mind. However, are we make a cup of tea? The preparation of tea is an easy task.

How to make a cup of tea
How to make a cup of tea

Let us know, how to make a cup of tea?

  • At first put one and a half cup of water into cattle.
  • Put the kettle over a stove until the water is boiled.
  • Mix two spoonfuls of tea leaves into the water and cover it.
  • Remove or take away the kettle from the stove when the water has turned red.
  • Pour the liquor into a cup through a strainer.
  • Mix some sugar and milk with the liquor and stir it until the sugar is dissolved.
  • But in case of lemon tea, add some lemon juice in stead of milk.

And thus you will get a cup of tea. Tea is now ready to be served.

Uses of Tea:

Nowadays, tea is a common drink. When we are tired, we take tea. It refreshes our mind and soothes our nerves. It is a cheap drink to remove our tiredness. In the cold countries tea is very necessary and it makes their body hot and brings happiness in their mind.

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