Thanksgiving Turkey Gravy

Thanksgiving Turkey Gravy

If you have the right flavor profile you can create anything but you should try to make it basic that way you can always make a change if you need to.
If you have the right flavor profile you can create anything but you should try to make it basic that way you can always make a change if you need to. | Source

Basic Turkey Gravy

Thanksgiving is right coming up on us fast and we all know that no thanksgiving dinner is complete without some great tasting gravy, cause we all know that it's going on top of some tasty food like the turkey, dressing and even on top of the mash potatoes.

I know a lot of people like to make there gravy in a whole lot of different ways but I believe that you should start off with making a very basic gravy then add other ingredients to it to give it the twist you like.

To make a really good turkey gravy it all starts with the dripping that's where all the flavors are and where your taste is coming from ...From there you can start layering the flavors that you want you and your family to enjoy....With that being said lets make some basic turkey gravy.

Basic Turkey Gravy


1/2 cup of turkey drippings

3 tablespoons of unsalted butter

1/2 cup of all purpose flour

2 1/2 cups of chicken stock or vegetable stock

A pinch of sea salt to taste ( you can add more to suit your taste buds )

A pinch of ground black pepper ( you can add more to suit your taste )


Transfer juices and bits from your roasting pan to a bowl, if the bits are stuck to the roasting pan you may have to deglaze the pan by placing the roasting pan on the stove on a low heat add a little bit of chicken or vegetable stock using a spoon just scrap the bottom of the pan to loosen the bit then pour in to your bowl place your bowl to the side so it can cool off for a few minutes.

When the dripping are cooled off you can then skim the fat from the top of the drippings then throw the fat away.

OK now lets make some basic turkey gravy take out a large skillet and melt your butter over a medium low heat add your pan drippings and then whisk in your flour let cook stirring very good for a few minutes this will cook the flour a little, then I want you to add half of your stock and keep whisking so the gravy can be smooth and silky then add the remaining stock then bring back to a boil then reduce your heat and let simmer on a low heat until it thickens about 3 to 4 minutes then add your sea salt and pepper to taste.

If you have followed me with this basic turkey gravy recipe you can now add your own twist to it by adding some great tasting herbs or spices like rosemary, sage, garlic,thyme and even a bay leaf to add a extra twist to your gravy or you can create your own flavor profile to share with your family and friends come on try this with your thanksgiving day meal........Happy Eating.

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carol7777 profile image

carol7777 4 years ago from Arizona

I don't know why but I am craving some turkey..could be this gravy. Great recipe and easy to follow. Voted UP and sharing.

Handicapped Chef profile image

Handicapped Chef 4 years ago from Radcliff Ky Author

Carol thank you so much for the comment ....I think you really don't need a whole lot of ingredients to make something taste good if you start from a basic point you can take it anywhere you want it to.

peachpurple profile image

peachpurple 2 years ago from Home Sweet Home

wow, that is a pot of thick gravy, too bad no thanksgiving here

Handicapped Chef profile image

Handicapped Chef 2 years ago from Radcliff Ky Author

peachpurple thank you so much for all your comments and thank you for stopping to read my hubs.

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