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Tyson Chicken
Tyson Chicken



I have always eaten chicken wings and thighs, to avoid trying to eat the dry disgusting chicken breast. I know that the dark meat is not the best choice, especially for a person that wants to loose weight. However, I would gag, trying to eat a chicken breast.

I live in Florida, and I think our chicken is old by the time it reaches this state. I have tried every brand of chicken, every store, even cooked whole chickens, and found that it taste old with a after taste that is horrible.

I went to the butcher shop, and found the same problem with their chicken. Until  I tried Tyson Chicken Breasts, with no hormones or artificial ingredients.

Tyson chicken is frozen, and there are two bag sizes, I look for the bag with the blue front label, or the green label. I pay for the small bag $ 7.99 and the large bag $ 14.99.

This chicken is easy to separate, while frozen. I pound it out after it thaws, and I make chicken cutlet parm, you can cut the chicken with a fork it is so tender. I use pieces of the chicken for my salads. I cook the chicken with some spices, and that is all you need.

My Reduction

Many years ago when I was heavy, I found this small book at the check out counter. The grapefruit diet. I bought the little book, and ate what the book said to eat, and I lost 70 pounds in 3 months.

I did little exercise, nothing major and still lost the weight. I found the same diet, online last night when I googled The Grapefruit Diet.  I started the reduction today, I do not like the word diet.

Breakfast includes 2 eggs, 2 strips of bacon and 1/2 grapefruit or 8oz of grapefruit juice.

Chopped meat and scrambled eggs is good also.

Lunch is a salad, with meat, chicken breast, and 1/2 grapefruit or 8oz of grapefruit juice. Could have tuna on a salad or any meat you like.


Dinner is all the meat you want, red and green vegetables. 1/2 grapefruit or 8 oz of grapefruit juice.

Before bedtime- 1 8oz glass of skim  milk

coffee is black ( I put a bit of sugar, and a touch of french vanilla)

I intend to loose 60 pounds, I will walk every day. Of course the chicken stays on my menu.

The grapefruit juice will stop the sugar habit you have, to eat sweets. I am detoxing from cookies, candy, cakes, devil dogs, all the stress foods.

Why The Reduction?

I recently had 2 knee replacements, I need to loose the weight. I am not happy with myself. I want to feel comfortable, stop muscle strains, and wear the new clothes I have and do not fit into.

I want a job, and heavy people do not get hired as quickly as thin people.

I want to date, and why would any man like me, when I do not like myself!

You can not buy private medical coverage if you are overweight, they come to your house carrying a scale.

I know that when the time passes and I shrink, no one will know who I am, this has happened before, actually 3 times, and it is fun to prank people that have not seen you thin.

That is the reason that i am so glad I found the chicken, no more eating the fattier thighs and wings, only the Tyson chicken breast.

If you want to experience the best chicken, try it. No, I do not work for Tyson, I am unemployed and looking for work.

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