The History of Cake

The History of Cake

The history of cake is a history full of progress through the ages. Today, cake is one of the most popular choices for dessert in many countries, but it hasn't always been what it is today. In its earliest form, cake was a sweetened form of bread.

Ancient people often shaped it round for religious reasons, to symbolize the cyclical nature of life. The round shape was also used to symbolize the sun and the moon. The ancient Egyptians, Greeks, and Romans are the most famous cultures to have developed cakes. The Greeks created cheesecake and the Greeks and Romans both ate fruitcakes. Medieval Europeans were the first to use cake hoops to make cake. By the 18th century, bakers used well beaten eggs instead of yeast to provide rise and leaven the cake. At this time also, the French began eating dessert at the end of the evening meal.

Then It Got Easier

It wasn't until the Industrial Revolution that cakes became much easier to make. Baking soda and baking powder were invented and ovens began having more temperature-controlled heating. Cakes became even more popular and the ability to bake a delicious cake was a talent.

Since the discovery of flour, people everywhere eat cake. Every country has it's own types of cakes. With the creation of baking soda, baking powder, and even pre-made cake mixes, baking a tasty cake is within everyone's reach.

A Few Kinds

There are many kinds of cakes, but we'll look at a few.

A fairy cake is lighter, smaller version of a cupcake. The difference, though, is that as soon as they are baked fairy cakes have the top sliced off and cut in half. The flat top of the cake is decorated with icing and the two halves are pushed into the frosting to look like fairy wings. They are common in Britain and Ireland. The way to make fairy cakes described above is a common way of serving minitiature cupcakes at tea parties.

Butter cakes use butter for the moisture of the dough. Shortening or oil can also be used. These cakes have an extra richness in them. Their texture is tender and fine. Butter cakes can be characterized by their high ratio of fat to flour. Examples include pound cakes, yellow, white, and even chocolate cakes.

Sponge cakes have lots of volume, which comes from beating the eggs. Baking soda and powder aren't used and neither is butter. The eggs provide all the rise needed. The eggs are often warmed before beating because warmed eggs hold more air. These cakes are close to fat-free, making them a good choice for anyone watching their weight. Sponge cake is used in jelly rolls, layer cakes, and charlottes. Examples of sponge cakes include chiffon cakes, genoise, and angel food cakes.

Cheesecake is exactly what it sounds like. A crust is filled with a mixture of primarily cream cheese. The filling also has sugar and some sort of flavoring. It was first created by the Greeks. New York style cheesecake uses a filling of cream cheese, eggs, and heavy cream. Sour cream style uses a filling of cream cheese, eggs, and sour cream. There are many other styles throughout the world.

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Carmen H profile image

Carmen H 5 years ago

Like this hub! Informative, yet not lengthy. I guess not many have stopped to think about the beginnings of an all-time favorite dessert.

Pinkchic18 profile image

Pinkchic18 5 years ago from Minnesota

I loooove cheesecake, it's too bad it has so many calories in it! Great hub here, thanks for putting this together!

tiNNy cLAiRe V. 4 years ago

graBeh i like and i love CHIFFON CAkE ... sobra.......

olivia 4 years ago

i fount this very help full for my cake project

Twilightgurl 4 years ago

I love the normal chocolate cake or white/ yellow cake. I was just eating a piece of yellow cake with chocolate frosting when reading this article. It was YUMMMMMMY!!! :D

hairy P. ness 3 years ago

mmmh cake :)

I won't tell! 3 years ago

Thank you so much I have been looking for a website that had real information on cake and its history all afternoon. I have a school project due tomorrow and this just what I was looking for. Thank you thank you thank you thank you!

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