The Laughing Seed Restaurant in Asheville Makes Vegetarians Smile!!

Burritos, Sloppy Joe Roll ups, Cuban Sandwiches all being served up at your local vegetarian street side cafe? No you are not dreaming this is The Laughing Seed! A long time gem of downtown Asheville the Laughing Seed started out as a snack bar at the local YMCA in the early 1991! The cafe moved to its current site on Wall St. in downtown Asheville and was part of the huge renaissance. Now the Laughing Seed is a favorite spot of vegetarians, vegans, and even the heartiest meat eaters in the south!!

This cafe uses all local vegetables from their 20 acre organic farm just outside Asheville including herbs, tomatoes, cucumbers, squash, fennel and sweet peppers.

From the Laughing Seed Website they post their legend "On the Indonesian island of Bouton there is the legend of the Laughing Seed. This plant was sacred to the people of the Spice Islands for centuries. When the seeds of this plant were consumed, the people were intoxicated with laughter and able to communicate with the gods. It is said that this wondrous food satisfied the appetite and created a sense of fullness and well-being which lasted for many days... If you are visiting for breakfast, lunch, dinner or just want to sip cocktails from there outdoor deck, you are transported to the exotic. You leave with a full belly and a renewal of spirit. The laughing seed lives up to their legend!

While dining at The Laughing Seed diners cannot help but be lured downstairs by the groovin' blues guitar or country blue grass banjos.  Live music tops the menu at Jack of the Wood! Dark wood  grain walls invite you into this pub which jumps out of the pages of the Hobbit!  It is a cozy place to grab a dark brew or some comfort food.  Jack of the wood is home to Green Man Ales, one of the first breweries in "Beer City USA"!  Every night of the week is a good night to head on down to Jack of the Woods! 

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