The Middle East Food War

Recently, there has been another kind of war going on in the treacherous middle east, one involving food. Not just food, but world record kinds of food fit for huge titans.

Nasser Abdulhadi, a Palestinian hotelier and restaurateur living on the West Bank created the world's first 2383 pound salad, Tabbouleh, the tangy Middle Eastern mixture of cracked wheat and parsley. His fellow citizens were proud. Not to be outdone, an Israeli farmer (no kidding) broke the world record by creating a salad of lettuce of at least 7000 pounds. So far, this record remains unbroken.

Lebanon jumped into the hotly contested war last year and created an unbelievable Tabbouleh weighing 3.5 metric tons! As if this was not enough, it also set other records, like a 15 square foot tray of minced meat and cracked wheat Kibbe and a 4,532 pound plate of Hummus,  a Middle Eastern staple. This set a new world record until last year when the Israelis hit back with a 8000 pound plate of Hummus.

Nasser Abdulhadi, also came back into the world records by baking a pastry, Knafeh, which was 243 ft long!

Seems the war between the Arabs and Israelis extends even into food.

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