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The Ninja Blender
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The Ninja Kitchen System

I recently purchased the Ninja Blender Juicer combo. I was in the market for a juicer, but I did see the possible benefit in a juicer/blender combo. So I chose the NinjaKitchen System after reading several reviews on the different blenders that are available. After narrowing down my list of blenders to take a closer look at I chose the Ninja Kitchen System.

Well, long story short, I bought the Ninja KitchenSystem. I am a longtime juice junkie, so I really liked the idea of the combo style set up. It also comes with attachments for dough settings and Whipping settings.

Make a great smoothie

When I first opened the box the first thing I noticed was the extremely sharp blades that are designed to cut up or puree the contents of the blender canister. This is no ordinary blender, the blades are set on a poll that is inserted on the inside bottom portion of the canister.

This Ninja design is excellent for smoothly chopping and blending the entire contents of the blender. There are 3 speeds and a pulse function. There is dough, blend, and crush function and a pulse function. When I make a smoothie, I always use the crush function.

There is one problem, it is identified as having a juice function, and this is not a juicer at all. There is no juice extracting function or tools.

The Ninja Blender

Now, with me being a juice-aholic at times, I was let down and almost went back to my long trusted Champion Juicer (which it still works after 17 years, I might add).

I had a change of heart and decided to try the Ninja Blender for a while. Now, finally after this long and drawn out story, I give you my conclusions on the Ninja Kitchen System.

I reconsidered my juice fetish, juicing is a delicious and health way to get your vitamins and minerals. It is simple to digest and your body easily absorbs the nutrients with minimal work. I have always had a problem with how much waste is left after the juicing process. I know there are wasted food properties that can be useful to the body.

The I decided that if my Ninja Blender broke down the food enough to make it easy to drink and digest I wouldn’t be missing out on the wasted food left by my juicer.

I really love the results that the Ninja Blender gives me. The food is blended to a very smooth consistency with the excellent blending power this appliance has. I use my Ninja just about every day and I make up delicious recipes quite frequently. I blend for about 45 seconds or more each time I use it, for easier digestion of the fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, and whatever else I throw in.

My last comments are that the Ninja Kitchen system is well worth the money, at around $159.00 it is money well spent.

To Sum It Up

To Sum It Up


· Locking safety lid and canister (You need it, they don’t call it a Ninja for nothing)

· Excellent blending power

· Comes with two different sized canisters for portion control

· Lids seal tightly and the canister stores easily in the refrigerator

· Ninja blades are extremely sharp and tough

· Replacement parts are readily available


· Razor sharp blades-be careful when you are cleaning the blades

· It runs a little on the loud side, but well worth the noise

· Not really a juicer

Comes with

· 72 oz canister with locking lid with blade

· 40 oz bowl canister with locking lid with blade

· Whipping attachment

2 dough attachments

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KimberlyLake profile image

KimberlyLake 2 years ago from California Author

CraftytotheCore You might consider Craigslist, I have seen them on there for as low as $60 dollars hardly used. I hope you get one Ninjas are great.

CraftytotheCore profile image

CraftytotheCore 2 years ago

This is good information to know. I became friendly with a lady at a cat rescue who uses the Ninja for making homemade kitten food. I had thought about purchasing one at one time, but I didn't have the money for it.

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