The Ragin' Gayjun offers up a new exciting sandwich recipe.

Ragin' Gayjun

I recently moved from my home in Bigotville, Alabama to Cajun country where I found I enjoy the fine recipes and local culinary masterpieces that are available. I was thinking, since i like to cook I should invent some recipes and post them in a video format. This happened mostly because I am working six hours away from my home, wife and three children and there isn't that much for me to do other than gamble away my earnings, so I stay at the apartment to run my production company.

I have found that video production takes many hours to accomplish a finished product. I worked four hours on this little clip. The video has terrible lighting, I have poor editing skills and I read my script way too much.

I made this recipe and video. I own all copyrights and want everyone to at least make one of these sandwiches.

All of that aside, the video cracked me up. It made my wife and kids laugh, I hope it will make you giggle a little too. Just a footnote, I don't give a crap if me making fun of gay LSU fans offends you. One thing I do know is this: if you state FACTS about somebody, a group, or a faction of people, there is no discrimination.

War Damn Eagle! Auburn University, National Collegiate Football Champs 2010.

The Ragin' Gayjun: Episode One - The Roundhouse Kick Sandwich


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