The best ever grilled fish. This easy fish or seafood baste is great on the grill, with just about any fish!

citrus grilled fish

Grill a little fish

This is a recipe for an all purpose fish and seafood baste, that will make just about any grilled fish taste fantastic. This baste is so good because it doesn't take away from the flavor of the fish on the grill, it just adds a great citrus tartness. It also has the added salt that fish really needs to be tasty, and a hint of garlic and chile as well (make it more than a hint if you love the heat!).

Fresh fish should always be served so that it still tastes like the beautiful fish that is. Too many recipes call for heavy handed seasoning, syrupy glazes, or other abominations that just take away whatever was great about the fish…before it got obliterated!

If you have a really great fillet, or steak, and you know it's fresh; there is no need to change it too much. It will be best served simply, and this easy seafood basting sauce will add a delicious undertone of flavor, while allowing the fish to be the true star of the show!

This is also an incredibly flavorful way to eat really well, and really healthily. There is no added fat in the baste, and grilling a lean piece of fish is one of the best heart healthy techniques out there.

This technique is Mexican in origin, but the fish won't taste "Mexican" as you probably think of Mexican food as tasting.

Delicious citrus fish baste

¼ cup of both lime juice and orange juice (it must be unsweetened OJ) feel free to substitute other citrus fruits here, as long as the end result is good and sour

2 tsps of salt

5-6 garlic cloves, minced finely

0-10 small hot chiles. The baste will taste great with no chiles added, but if you like spicy food, try adding some chile for a bit of extra excitement.

That's it. Mix it together, and reserve for grilling.

When you grill your fish, just keep basting the fish with this sauce as you grill it. Fish doesn't take very long to grill, so keep adding more about every minute as you grill.

Use with any firm fish appropriate for grilling. You can make extra and serve as a table sauce as well if desired.

This baste will work well with most other seafood, especially shrimp.

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cgull8m profile image

cgull8m 9 years ago from North Carolina

Came via tshirtscene blog, thanks for the recipes, I will check them out soon, this one sounds delicious. Thanks :)

cbalint 9 years ago

Does this work for frozen fish? (such as mahi mahi)


vee 7 years ago

didn't work well...

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