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During earlier times in Russia, either soaked or fresh cloudberry has been considered as the most valuable northern berry served at the czar's table. Even during these modern times in the north, cloudberry has been regarded as the Royal berry. During the pre-revolutionary times in Russia, cloudberry was famous just about anywhere. Cloudberry waters and kvasses were very famous. In countries in the Scandinavia, cloudberry is now as valuable as gold.

Cloudberries are also being commonly referred to as baked-apple berries or yellow berries. It is considered as one of the rarest of berries. The singularity is apparent in almost everything. People regard it’s ripening process as “another way around” as the chameleon cherries are at first red in color although when they begin to get juicy they tend to appear amber in color. A cloudberry fruit appears very similar like the raspberry although it has a peculiar taste and smell. The cloudberry does not thrive in clusters although only a single cherry is found on the stem of the perennial prostate shrub.

The cloudberry comes in different names; in just about every place, there seems to be a different term referring for it. During the ancient times, it was called as warder of the swamp, swamp’s eyes and swamp amber. During these modern times, it is referred to as mossy currant, arctic raspberry and northern orange. All such connotations are accepted. Each year, a lot of tourists set out to wander the woods trying to look for cloudberry.

Cloudberry is not just used as a food; it also has medicinal uses. It is utilized for the treatment of bile passages diseases as well as the diseases of the liver, kidney and the cardio-vascular system. Cloudberry is also capable of lessening putrefactive processes and the fermentation in the bowel. It is also very helpful when there is heavy metal poisoning. In addition to that, cloudberry is also applied in the correction of vitamin deficiency diseases as well as hypovitaminosis.

It is also very potent in promoting the rapid healing of burns and diseases of the skin, even the cancer of the skin. Cloudberry aids in proper digestion and works up the appetite. The cloudberry also has anti-inflammatory, spasmolitic, sudorific and diuretic properties. It is applied if there is a urinary bladder disease or an internal hemorrhage. It is also excellent to mix cloudberry with honey and give it to debilitated patients in order to promote general wellness.

The cloudberry is composed of leukoantocyanins, leukocyans, phytoncids, tannins, carotenoids, anthocyanins, organic acids such as salicylic, apple, citric and ascorbic, dietary fibers, pectins, sugars and proteins. In addition to this, cloudberry is also loaded with microelements, particularly that haematogenic range, such as silicon, cobalt, phosphorus, aluminum, iron, calcium and magnesium. The oil derived from cloudberry contains a solid amount of active natural components, the most valuable being omega fatty acids and antioxidants.

Cloudberry is abundant in vitamin C. It is most usually utilized for preparing ham although they can be also added to desert toppings, liqueurs, juices, tarts and breads.

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RTalloni profile image

RTalloni 5 years ago from the short journey

Thanks so much for this post about cloudberry. Now that I know about it I will try to find it. Where do you buy it?

Voted up and bookmarked.

tekitt profile image

tekitt 5 years ago Author

I live where it grows, it is only in August, but if you want I can send a small jar of jam:)

girlchocolatier 5 years ago

This is a great article. I was just trying to learn the name of this berry and more about it - and here it is -- the photo you used was perfect. Thank you again!

Zayn malik official 18 months ago

It was amazing learning about this next level fruit

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