Tomato and Apple Juice Drink Recipe

Tomato Apple Drink
Tomato Apple Drink

Tomato Apple Drink

Tomato and Apple Drink is a very healthy juice and is rich in Vitamin A , Vitamin C and Iron. This is an excellent juice for those suffering from Anemia.The Recipe for this drink is given below.

Ingredients of Tomato Apple Drink

Ripe Tomato with skin removed - 1 Cup

Apple Pieces with seeds removed - 1/2 Cup

Honey - 1 tea spoon

Ice Cubes - 6 pieces


Run all the ingredients in a Mixer till smooth. Stain the juice and serve immediately. Add ice cubes at the time of serving if necessary.

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ahpoetic profile image

ahpoetic 7 years ago

Aren't the many uses of tomatoes amazing? That is one of my favorite fruits. It's a fruit because it has seeds inside of it. Not many people realize that.

indian cooking profile image

indian cooking 7 years ago from Mumbai Author

Yes, I agree with you.

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