Tomato Soup With Meat Dumplings

I would like to share this recipe of wholesome and tasty meal, perfect for family table or treating friends. Tomato soup with dumplings is low in calories but filling and nourishing so it makes valuable component of healthy diet.  More to say, my boyfriend just adores it! With first notes of appetizing smell I can twist him around my little finger. It is easy to prepare and brings enchanting Italian flavor to your home.

Preparation time is approximately 1 hour. It takes about 15 minutes to prepare products and then 45 minutes to boil. So it is 15 minutes of work and 45 minutes of waiting. Good news is that you don’t need to hang around the stove until the soup is ready. Use those 45 minutes for something you enjoy – for example write another Hub J.

Some of the ingredients



150g beef + 150g pork mincemeat

1 egg

Table spoon of sour cream

Black pepper





2 tablespoons of couscous

2 cloves of garlic

My dumplings came out a little bit uneven :)


2L of water

500 g of canned chopped tomatoes

Half glass of red wine

1 teaspoon of honey

Black pepper




Fresh Basil

Fresh Parsley

Few drops of Tabasco sauce

Parmesan cheese

Chopped herbs


Add some salt to the water and leave it to boil. Meanwhile prepare dumplings. Mix minced pork and beef, add one egg, a pinch of spices and mashed garlic.

The amount of spices depends on personal taste preferences, but it is advisable to put a little bit more salt, because some of it will melt and diffuse in water while boiling.

Add a table spoon of sour cream and two table spoons of couscous. It will make dumplings tender, adding couscous also makes them easier to form. Alternatively you may replace couscous with semolina.

Roll meet between your palms to form little balls. Now throw them in to boiling water. Skim off any foam and add spices, chopped herbs, tomatoes, wine and honey and leave to boil for 45-60 minutes.

Use wine and honey to balance out the taste between sweet and sour. If you think the broth does not taste rich enough, leave it to boil for another 20 minutes or something. Just bear in mind that overcooking will leave dumplings tasteless.

When it’s ready serve soup in to dishes and top with pinch of Parmesan cheese.

Bon appétit and let me know how you liked it!

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joyfuldesigns profile image

joyfuldesigns 5 years ago from Washington State

This looks yummy, great photos of the ingredients as well.

Ms. Butterfly profile image

Ms. Butterfly 5 years ago Author


Isabel 5 years ago

The soup was great the only problem I was not creamy as I wished, perhaps I have used too much water..? I have doubled all the ingredients as I was making soup for a big family, so I used 4 liters of water and when added canned tomatoes it became 5 liters. But I must to admit the dumplings were perfect - so soft and silky, it is great idea to put some couscous into dumplings. I think I will make the soup once again!

swathi180 profile image

swathi180 5 years ago

It sounds delicious.

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