Top 10 Traditional Summer Drinks Recipes - Refreshing at Low Cost

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10 Traditional Refreshing Summer Drinks Recipes

There are a number of traditional nutritious drinks that can be had during the summer season to provide us enthusiasm and energy, quenches our thirst and also increases our hunger. But now the new generation have almost forgotten about such drinks and are behind the unhealthy ready-made drinks. Now let’s come to know how to make some of such drinks very easily. Many diseases caused due to our new life styles, can also be prevented by having such drinks.

Traditional drinks are mostly capable enough of protecting our health. The method of preparing 10 traditional Indian drinks has been mentioned in the hub. All the ingredients are easily available and their preparation is also very easy.

1) Sambharam (Yogurt Drink)


Butter milk- 1cup

Green chilly- 2

Ginger (1 inches each) – 2

Lemon leaf- 2

Curry leaf- 1 spring

Salt (As required)

Water- 2 cups

Method of preparation

Cut green chilly and ginger into very small pieces and then smash it. Chop lemon leaves and curry leaves into small pieces. Mix buttermilk, salt and water thoroughly. Add chilly, ginger, lemon leaves and curry leaves into it.

The water required for its preparation should be boiled, cooled and then kept in an earthen pot. Sambharam can also be prepared by adding a paste of the above mentioned ingredients. It can also be prepared by using the juice of lemon instead of lemon leaves. It is a good drink to quench thirst and is also very nutritious energy provider. Having a glass of Sambharam after food helps in making the digestive process easy and also prevents flatulence.


Ripe mango- 1 or ripe amlas- 5 (If dried amla- 10. Wash it well and soak in water the previous day.)

Ginger- 1 piece

Green chilly-2(Cut into small pieces)

Curry leaf- 1 spring

Water-5 cups

Salt (As required)

2) Amla / Ripe Mango Sambharam

Method of preparation

If amla is used wash them well in water and then cut into pieces and grind it in the mixer. If mango is used, peel it, cut it into pieces and then grind it well in the mixer. Pour water into it and mix well. If there are small particles in it, then sieve it through a cloth. Mix the other ingredients and salt into it. Such a drink which contains Vitamin D and A and antioxidants are very good to be had during summer season.

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3) Thulsi Drink


Powdered jaggery- 1 teaspoon

Thulsi flowers- 2 teaspoons

Water- 2 cups

Method of preparation

Boil the jaggery water and sieve it. Put the thulsi flowers into it and keep it closed. Sieve the drink and have it when it becomes cool. It can be used by mixing some coconut milk also. It is a refreshing drink and also helps to pure the stomach.

Jal Jeera Recipe - How To Make JalJeera


4) Jaljeera -Flavored Lemondade Drink

A traditional drink of Northern India as famous as lassi is Jaljeera.


Raw mango (not sour) - 1

Pudina- 1 bunch

Green chilly- 5

Chilly powder, cumin powder- 1 teaspoon

Salt- as required

Ginger- 2 pieces

Method of preparation

Peel the mango and then cook and smash it. Mix all the other ingredients along with the cooked mango and add 2 cups of water into it. Then grind it well in the mixer. Pour it into a vessel and add 3 more cups of water and then cool it and use it.

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5) Barley Water


Barley- 1 teaspoon

Water- 2 cups

Curd- ½ cup

Green chilly- 2 (cut into small pieces)

Tomato juice- ½ cup

Curry leaf- 1 spring

Salt- as required

Method of preparation

Boil two cups of water by adding the barley into it and then cool it. Mix all the ingredients, cool it and then use it. It helps in controlling sugar and cholesterol.

6) Bran Coffee

Earlier when rice was made in houses by boiling paddy, the bran obtained from it which was rich in Vitamin B. this bran was used for various purposes. One among them is the bran coffee which is very good for health and providing enthusiasm.


Bran- ½ teaspoon

Fried and powdered fenugreek- ½ teaspoon

Jaggery- 1 table spoon

Cardamom- 2

Fried and powdered cumin- ½ teaspoon


Method of preparation

Mix all the ingredients and boil it. It can be used when warm or after cooled. This also helps in controlling sugar and cholesterol.

7) Naruneendi Sarbath

Naruneendi root- 50 gram

Water- 1 litre

Lemon- 1

Sugar/ Honey- As required

Method of preparation

Wash the naruneendi root well, then boil it in water, cool it and sieve it. It can be used by adding the required amount of sugar or honey and lemon juice into one glass of it. It can also be preserved for future by adding more sugar, lemon juice and naruneendi essence along with a bit of preservative. Add water and use it as required.

Lassi ( Indian yogurt drink ) recipe

8) Sweet Lassi

Lassi which is very famous in Northern India is a drink that is equally good as Sambharam. Recently in a competition held in France, lassi was selected to be the best drink in the whole world. Lassi was the only drink that competed from India. It can be prepared in different ways.


Curd which is not sour- 2 cups

Cold water- 1 ¼ cup

Sugar- 3-4 teaspoon

Ginger- ½ a piece smashed

Method of preparation

Grind all these ingredients in the mixer and use it cool.

9) Salt Lassi


Curd- 1 cup

Cold water- 2 cups

Fried and powdered cumin- ¼ teaspoon

Salt- as required

Method of preparation

It is also prepared by grinding all the ingredients in the mixer and using it cool. In some places a bit of garam masala (a mixture of powdered spices) is also added into it. Lassis prepared by adding grinded ripe mango or raw mango grinded by peeling it and cooking it is also very common. Just like sambharam, lassi is a good drink to quench thirst and to help digestion.


Water sieved after washing unakkalari (boiled rice) in water and then putting it in water for 10 minutes- 3 cups

Small onion- 6

Ginger- 1 small piece

Green chilly- 4

Lemon leaf- 4

Curry leaf- 1spring

Lemon juice- 2 teaspoon

Salt- As required

10) Unakkalari Drink

Method of preparation

Smash all the spices and tie them in a small piece of cloth and keep it in the water prepared and close it. Remove the cloth from the vessel after 3 hours. The water that must have become sour by then can be used by adding the lemon juice and salt. It is a drink that makes the body cool and provides enthusiasm.

All the above mentioned drinks which can quench our thirst can be prepared very easily. They are best to be used instead of the costly drinks we get from the market. These drinks not only save our money but also protect our health.

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ChitrangadaSharan profile image

ChitrangadaSharan 3 years ago from New Delhi, India

All your summer drinks are yummy and I love all of them. I do make all of them but the last one, Unakkalari. I will try that too with your given instructions.

Thanks for sharing!

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Kevin Peter 2 years ago from Global Citizen Author

@ChitrangadaSharan ,How was it ? Share your experience

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