Turkey Fryer Cooking Time Chart


When using a turkey fryer it is critical to know how long to cook your bird. The chart below will tell you how much time is needed to safely cook your bird in a turkey fryer.

Type of Bird 
Oil Temperature 
Fry Time Per Pound 
whole turkey 
350 degrees F 
3 minutes 
whole chicken 
350 degrees F 
7 minutes 
whole duck 
350 degrees F 
10 minutes 
cornish hen
350 degrees F
8 minutes
turkey breast with bone
350 degrees F
8 minutes
turkey legs
350 degrees F
8 minutes
  • A deep fry thermometer will be needed to monitor the oil temperature.
  • The chart above is a guideline only. When deep frying poultry, always use an instant read thermometer to ensure your food is cooked through.

The most important part of frying a turkey is safety. Please take a moment to reference the valuable information provided through the links below.

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Duce Arendell profile image

Duce Arendell 5 years ago

I have a turkey fryer, and love it. I've deep-fried turkeys, hens and chickens in it, but I never tried a duck before. What does a duck taste like? I guess I'll have to try it and find out. Also I have deep fried candybars, oreo cookies, and HotPockets, all of which are to die for. Unhealthy...perhaps Delicious...Hell Ya!

Ken McLean 11 months ago

I have a butterball electric turkey fryer . lost my book for it. how long will it take to cook a 3lb. turkey breast??

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