Tasty Tips For Holiday LeftOvers

International Twist On The Turkey Divine Dish

A Taste Of India:

Add Curry and Ground Red Pepper, and Mushrooms to taste

A Touch Of Greek:

Add, Black Olives and Artichokes to the Mix

The Italian Connection:

Add roasted peppers, fresh spinach, and top with a few roasted grape tomatoes

Croquette Variations

  • Use cookies cutters to make fun nuggets for the kids, or fancy leaf patterns for a special dinner

  • Instead of stuffing and turkey... make ham and sweet potato croquettes and serve with warm corn starch thickened cider

  • Serve on a hamburger bun with melted Swiss cheese and lettuce for a hearty lunch

Update family classics with time saving methods, ingredients and international flare.

All of these recipes can be doubled or tripled for family sized meals;

Low-Calorie Turkey Divine

1-2 servings

In a large bowl toss:

  • 1 boil a bag packet of Green Giant Broccoli in Cheddar Sauce
  • Add steamed fresh carrots 1 handful per serving (low on calories, high on nutritional value)
  • Add 1 handful per serving of chopped or shredded turkey
  • Toss all ingredients
  • Serve over Rice or Orzo

Quick and Easy Turkey Croquettes

This recipe freezes well and provides several meals if doubled. It's also oven ready in less than 7 minutes at preheated 350 degrees... if 3/4 inch thick burger sized croquettes are made.

Serves 4 -6 hungry people... or freeze ready made patties

  • Roast ...finely chopped: 1 small onion, 3 stalks celery, and a handful sliced fresh mushrooms on a oil sprayed cookie sheet.
  • In a large bowl mix:
  • 3 cups of leftover stuffing or use 1 box/ 6 servings of instant flavored stuffing mix (prepared in the same bowl)
  • Add 4 handfuls chopped or shredded turkey
  • Add one egg
  • Mix all roasted veggies, stuffing, turkey and egg together with clean hands...
  • Make ¾ inch thick patties like hamburgers.
  • Coat with bread crumbs.
  • Fry in no stick pan with a spray of veggie oil until firm and brown.
  • Serve with brown gravy, smashed potatoes, squash, or a good serving of your favorite vegetables.

Stocks and Stews

Nothing says love like serving a warm, pampered soup or stew to your loved ones, and they both start with stock from your holiday favorites.

You can rush a stock by boiling but... the best and clear soups take time, so relax...and savor the aroma. If you have a crock pot you can keep it at low for a day or two, adding liquid as it evaporates.

Great Books For Staying Trim Over The Holidays

Rosemary Infused Turkey/Kale Soup/Stew

  • This makes a very satisfying soup or stew entrée when served with toasted artisan bread.

  • Heat 1 cup stock/ person

  • Add one sprig rosemary, and carrots, onions, celery according to how dense you want the soup, or make it really dense with veggies, and it becomes a stew.

  • Simmer until veggies are tender, add shredded turkey and kale. Kale reduces like spinach so be generous.

  • Then for a refreshing twist add a dash of lemon juice before serving.

For rich starter stocks to use as a base for soups and stews:

  • Remove most of the turkey or ham meat from the bones and set aside.

  • Place bones, 2 whole peeled onions, celery tops, and whole washed unpeeled carrots on a foil lined cookie sheet sprayed with veggie oil.

  • Roast all at 500 degrees for about ten minutes, or until browned.

  • Meanwhile, pick through the meat for nice pieces to save for final soup or stew, and use the rest for the stock pot.

  • When roasted bones and veggies are ready, place all ingredients and scrap meat in a crock pot or large pot and add water to cover.

  • When making ham stock always use canned broth... or for an even richer turkey stock use canned broth.

  • Season with sprigs of fresh rosemary, tsp. tarragon, ½ tsp pepper, ½ tsp salt (none if using canned broth)

  • Keep at low heat (steamy, but not boiling) for at least three hours. This will make a clear stock.

  • Drain with a colander saving only the stock.

Tricks For Dieters

  1. Shedding meat makes portions look bigger, and fills up the tummy faster.

  2. 2 tablespoons of wild rice mix is a healthy choice, and it keeps the tummy full longer than white rice.

  3. Roasting veggies on a foil lined pan with a spray of vegetable oil brings out rich natural flavor and is easy to clean up.

  4. For croquettes... use less stuffing and add finely chopped zucchini, broccoli, spinach, or steamed carrots to the mix.
  5. Bake croquettes in nonstick muffin pans, instead of frying.
  6. Add uncooked washed spinach to hot dishes and wilt for the greatest health benefit.
  7. Cool stock on the refrigerator and skim away fat before using.

Hearty Split Pea Soup

  • This is a delicious one stop meal representing all the food groups. It's best started in the morning and eaten for dinner. All the ingredients can also be chopped and ready for the crock pot to be left alone all day.

  • Using a 5 quart pot... pour in a 1lb bag of dried split peas

  • Chop small 1 lb carrots, 1 med onion, 5 stalks celery, mushrooms (optional) and 3 med. potatoes.

  • If you are using ham put it in now. If using turkey wait until final steps.

  • Place all ingredients into pot then cover with turkey or ham stock plus add 2inches of broth above veggies and bring to steaming.

  • Add 1tsp dried tarragon, pepper and salt to taste. Ground red pepper gives a real boost.

  • The thickness of the soup will be determined by how long it cooked so...take your time.

  • Finally, when ready add shredded turkey( if not using ham), and 4 cups of fresh baby spinach leaves.

    Serve after meat is heated and spinach is wilted.

    This soup is tastefully garnished with fresh parmesan or feta cheese.

    Have fun this season and experiment in the kitchen.

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