Turkey nightmares

An extreme turkey nightmare!

    It was the week before Thanksgiving and I planned a traditional turkey meal for the students and teachers at the school where I worked. I cooked and stuffed eight twenty-six pound turkeys and, as in the past, took orders from the teachers so I could estimate my numbers. I planed on using some of the turkeys for other meals like turkey Ala King for the next week. I carved three turkeys and prepped enough side dishes for about 75 servings. The Ala Carte line is much more popular than the hot lunch line so I thought this was more than enough for all three lunches similar to previous years. I started two large pans of soup stock with the turkey caucuses and prepped the side dishes for the turkey dinner. As students and teachers lined up for lunch I was awed by the length of the hot lunch line. After first lunch all the food was gone and I had two more lunches to serve! And I mean everything. There was no more sliced turkey, mashed potatoes, gravy, corn, candied sweet potatoes, stuffing nor cut pumpkin pie.

     Scrambling in different directions my staff rushed to prepare more food while I pulled    turkeys, one by one, from the cooler. I started carving. The only thing that saved me were the pans of boiling turkey stock that heated the sliced turkey in minutes. For the next hour all I did was carve turkey at a feverish pace just to keep up. When last lunch was over the turkey was gone and so was the traditional turkey menu. Now I reserve turkey dinner for home on Thanksgiving day! I'm off work and I know the headcount ahead of time.

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bathmateus 6 years ago

Turkey nightmares




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sunflower1 6 years ago Author

I am new here and really did not understand your comment?

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