Using Beet root leaves and stalks in scrambled eggs


Scrambled eggs using beetroot stalk and leaves

I like a bit of herbs or green chive in scrambled eggs today l used alternative to this and used the stalks of the beetroot and some green leaves... I either use the main- beetroot either steamed or as in fresh juice with other fruits.

To serve two people

4 eggs

l onion and l fresh green chilly chopped

a bit of olive oil

Wash chopped a couple of beetroot leaves

small chopped stalks of beetroot

half chopped tomotoe


In a frying pan

add oil, onion, chilly, and the stalks saute

Than add the chopped leaves stir for a few minutes

Add tomatoes stir again for a further few minutes

Add 1/3 teaspoon salt and any other spices that u wish

continue to stir for a few minutes

Crack the four eggs and keep stirring until you have your scrambled eggs.

Serve with toast and ketchup


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