Vaniyambadi Biryani

Biryani is a very famous dish all over the world.  It is purely a Mughal dish.  Biryani was first created by Mughals to serve food for the army.  As it was very difficult to make Rotis or Prathas to cater to the need of lakhs of army jawans, Biryani was invented, as it is easy to prepare.

Vaniyambadi is a small town in the state of Tamilnadu, where Biryani came alongwith the Nawabs of Arcot.  The Biryani of Vaniyambadi is very famous and the arouma of this Biryani is very tempting. I am giving u the receipe for this famous vaniyambadi Biryani below.

1.5 kg.
Basmathi Rice
1 kg.
Refined Oil
300 grams
Onion (Chopped)
5 nos. (350 grams)
5 nos.
50 gram
a pinch
Ginger Paste
100 gram
Garlic Paste
100 gram
1/2 ltr.
Patta, Loung, Ilachi
2 sticks, 7 cloves, 5 ilachi
Gram Masala Powder
1 tsp
1 pinch
Lemon Yellow Colour
a little
Chilly Powder and Salt
as per the taste


Soak Basmathi rice in a vessel for at least 20 mts. Wash Mutton or Chicken and keep aside. Take a vessel and put nearly 3 lts of water in it and keep over the stove to boil. Take another vessel and keep it on another stove. Put oil in it and bring to boil. As soon as the oil boils, put Garam Masala (Patta, Loung and Ilachi) in it and stir for one mt. Then pur chopped onions and fry till golden brown. Add Garlic paste and fry for some time, then add Ginger paste and fry well. Now add Mutton or Chicken, alongwith red chili powder and salt. cook for some time and add tomotto and fry well. After that add curd, javtri leave and stir well. Cook till the mutton gets tender. Your Biryani Akhni is now ready. Finally, put the lemon juice in the akhni.

Meanwhile see that the water kept in another vessel gets boiled. Put lemon yellow colour and 2 green chillies in the water. Take Basmathi Rice from the other vessel and put it in the boiling water.  Wait for a few mnts. and see that the rice is semi cooked. Don't cook the rice too much. It should be only half cooked.  Now, take the rice from the fire and drain it in another vessel.

Now, took some of Akhni in a seperate bowl and keep it aside. Put the Basmathi rice in the remaining akhni and on the top of it put the other part of the akhni which was taken in another bowl. Now put Ghee over the rice and close the lid and put it on Dum over low flame or burning coals.

Keep for 15 mts. and after 15 mts. take the vessel from the fire. Biryani is ready and it can be served hot with curd chettney or Bagarey Baigan.

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Zee 6 years ago

Very nice recipe

khalif 6 years ago

Nice description bhai.

muzammil VNB 6 years ago

It is really very good food for all the pepole ,

Yousuf 5 years ago

Most of Arcot Muslims use coconut milk for their biryani.This gives an unwque flavour to this Tamil Muslim Biryanis

Akbar 5 years ago

But, it will destroy its original taste if you add coconut milk.

sam 5 years ago

Very nice briyani

jim 5 years ago

very nice and tasty biryani i love it

mahaboob 5 years ago

no need podina leaf and corriander leaf #

Nandu 5 years ago

Very nice briyani

YASIR 5 years ago

nice biryani in KR AND ARSHAD HOTEL IN VNB

saleem sakiullah khan, vaniyambadi& thiyaga durugam kallakirichi 4 years ago

i know about the briyani taste , only in VANIYAMBADI . there are simple briyani hotels but,its have simply superb taste . like KR,ARSHAD,Beef hotels and QHAJA chicken mutton,lamb briyani centers. but i don't know history details of briyani. shuqr to akber bhai.

king 4 years ago


mohd amjad 4 years ago

I like specially my favourite food vaniyambadi biryani

Sumithra 4 years ago

Tried this recipe today. Came out vert tasty. It would be great if u could tell me how long you cook the mutton and how long to keep Dhum.

Thank u very much!

Ayesha siddiqua 4 years ago

thanks for the receipe, i was searching this receipe for a longtime and found out... wonderful receipe description...

mangai 3 years ago

do we need to add pudhina & corriander leaves.?

Akbar Zahid 3 years ago

You can add pudhina if you want in a small quantity. There is no need of Corriander leaves.

Zeeshan Ahmedia 2 years ago

Taste the traditional vaniyambadi biryani @ahmedia hotel it's serving the traditional taste since 1975 call +91 9789329139 for enquiry or catreing

Zeeshan Ahmedia 2 years ago

Thanks Akbar sb for takin this vaniyambadi biryani to global which was almost forget by every one

irfan 21 months ago

I need vaniyambadi bavarchi for my restaurant

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