Recipes for Very basic Pico de Gallo

plus a great Pico de Gallo inspired salad

Pico De Gallo is basically just a Mexican condiment using uncooked ingredients though I've heard that authentic Pico de Gallo is more similar to a salad. Pico de Gallo is incredibly easy to make and tastes great as a fresh condiment for tortilla chips, tacos, burritos or really anything else. Pico de Gallo is one of those very simple recipes that is easy to just have fun with. This recipe is just a very standard restaurant version.

The ingredients you will need are three diced tomatoes, one diced yellow onion, one or two fine diced jalapenos, one bunch of cilantro chopped, the juice of two limes, and a pinch of salt.

Once you have your ingredients assembled making Pico de Gallo is really as simple as just mixing the ingredients together in a mixing bowl.

I like to play around with my Pico de Gallo. Considering that literally translated it means "Beak of the Rooster," I don't think it is a recipe that should be taken all that seriously. I once made a great Pico de Gallo to use as a condiment for a desert where I used diced poblanos instead of Jalepenos, diced green tomatoes instead of fresh tomatoes, and honey for sweetness. I've also had a great Pico that used fresh peaches instead of tomatoes.

I do think Pico de Gallo should have a little bit of spiciness to it (though how spicy really depends on your personal preferences) but beyond that I think the basic recipe should be tweaked for whatever you plan on using it for.

I have made a delicious Pico de Gallo salad. I can't vouch for it's authenticity, but I care more about creating and eating great tasting food than worrying about being authentic. For my Pico de Gallo salad I used one jullienned red onion, one julienned poblano pepper, one juliened red pepper, fresh raw corn off the cob, and two sliced avacados. I dressed this with black pepper and the juice of two limes. I let it marinade in my refridgerator for about an hour and then served it over mixed greens. It makes a great side dish, or a nice light meal during the summer.

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