WMF Perfect Plus Pressure Cooker

Learning a New, Easy, and Healthy Way to Cook

Like so many people in our busy world, making dinner every night is usually the last thing I feel like doing at the end of the day.So my goal each night is usually...quick: get it on the table as easily and fast as possible. Still, it is nice if the meal is healthy and tastes good as well. And if it can be economical too, well that IS a bonus! So imagine my fascination when I discovered the WMF Perfect Plus Pressure Cooker.

Pressure cookers? The thought likely brings about one image to mind - the noisy, whistling, rocking pots that always looked like they were about to explode any minute. But this is not your mother's pressure cooker! The WMF Perfect Plus uses the latest pressure cooker technology to enable safe - and quiet - food preparation. With an easy-to-use lock and quick release system and an easy-to-read pressure indicator, the Perfect Plus is designed for simple and safe handling.

Additionally, this pressure cooker is a standout in terms of construction: built of sturdy, functional stainless steel that is the most efficient material to heat evenly for cooking, it will last for years, making it a great investment.

Wondering about the food? Pressure cooking food typically results in moist, delicious meats, and perfectly done vegetables. And the fun thing is that, with so many pressure cooking recipes out now, there is actually very little you can't do in a pressure cooker.

Another benefit is that meals are generally ready in significantly less time - up to 70% less - than regular cooking. Preparing tasty meals is a great benefit itself, but faster cooking also means that less nutrients are lost during the cooking (making it healthier) and that less energy is used as well (making it less expensive).

Mouth-watering, healthy meals, prepared in under 30 minutes, saving time and money: who would not love that? So I am thinking that stress-free, healthy, economical cooking with the WMF Perfect Plus Pressure Cooker sounds like something that is going to be part of my cooking routine for a very long time.

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Jo M. 5 years ago

I have a WMF and it's wonderful to use! My mother's pressure cooker was a fearsome thing, but this one is very quiet and has great safety features. I am delighted with it.

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