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A waffle is a flat, crispy cake, prepared from batter and fried with a honeycombed pattern embedded in its surface. Especially popular in Belgium and in the U.S., waffles are frequently served with a variety of toppings—maple or fruit syrups, white or powdered sugar, berries, honey, ice cream, cinnamon, and even chocolate!

The modern waffle traces its origin back to the Middle Ages when street merchants prepared and sold “wafers”—thin cakes baked between branded flat irons. These early bread-crisps derived their flavor from either barley or oat grain rather than from the more refined flours preferred by consumers today. The waffle of modern times is thus a more leavened form of the medieval wafer-crisp.

What is the nutritional value of a waffle?

If you are a calorie counter, you should know the typical ready-to-heat waffle weighs about 1-1/3 ounces (at 28.35 grams per ounce). Here are the typical waffle nutrition facts for a frozen waffle:

  • 100 calories,
  • 3.5g of total fat,
  • 6mg cholesterol,
  • 235mg sodium,
  • and 16g total carbohydrates.

Be aware, however, that a typical serving of waffles consists of three or four of these ”honeycombed fried cakes,” so the conscientious diner is reminded to do the appropriate math.

Other nutrition facts about waffles

On the positive side, in addition to being low in cholesterol, the waffle is also a good source of nutrients such as niacin, riboflavin, thiamine, vitamins B6 and B12, phosphorus, and iron.

The average waffle also contributes 2.5g protein, 106mg calcium and 48mg potassium toward one’s daily nutritional requirements.

Source: http://www.waffle-recipe.com/waffles/calories-in-waffles-and-waffle-nutrition-facts/

How To Make Waffles Healthier?

There are numerous waffle recipes for waffle makers, depending on one’s choice of flour—white, whole wheat, rice, oat, barley, buckwheat, graham, even cornmeal. The liquid ingredients (milk, buttermilk, eggs) and/or the particular toppings one adds to the recipe can also affect the overall nutritional value of the final preparation.

In ancient Greek society, the waffle was prepared and eaten as a primary meal, and was often served with herbs and cheese. More commonly served as a breakfast fare today, it would suggest that waffles have become less than an optimal source of required daily nutrition.

So how to make the more healthy?

  1. Use whole wheat flour!
  2. If the recipe calls for a lot of sugar - skip it.
  3. And the most important thing - be careful of what you put ON your waffles. Waffles themselves are a pretty normal and healthy food but various toppings add lots and lots of calories and fats to the waffles.

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