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How to Make Waffles

This lens is dedicated to expanding your horizons when it comes to waffles. But it all begins with a simple waffle recipe, like you can find over here (http://www.waffle-recipe.com/recipes/easy-waffle-recipe/). It goes something like this...


We need 2 cups of all purpose flour, 2 teaspoons of baking powder, some salt, 2 teaspoons of sugar, 2 cups of warm milk, 2 eggs (separate the whites from the yolk) and one tablespoon full of melted butter.


1. Put the flour, sugar, baking powder, and salt into one bowl and eggs, milk, and oil into another bowl.

2. Beat the stuff in the second bowl until the eggs and milk become one.

3. Pour the wet mix into the dry bowl and mix until there are no lumps left. Excelent - you have made waffle batter.

4. Take a cup and fill it with batter then pour half of it into the waffle iron. Make sure the waffle iron is hot!

5. Bake for around 2 minutes and you are done!

There are plenty more waffle recipes on the web and here at hubpages. If you are a beginner then first learn how to choose the right waffle maker. Then a few things about waffles. And a few more recipes, waffle recipe no 1, 2, 3, 4 - try them all!

Now lets mix things up a little bit!

Waffle Maker

A good waffle maker is the base of your waffle operations :)!
A good waffle maker is the base of your waffle operations :)!

American waffles

American waffles, there is no much of difference in cooking them or the time taken for cooking them from the basic waffle recipe - all the procedure remains the same. American Waffles are prepared from wheat flour leavened with soda (baking powder) instead of the traditional yeast, and are normally dished up as sweet breakfast with butter and syrups as toppings. These waffles are when compared with Belgian waffle thin and dense.

Other Waffle Recipes

Virginia Waffles are prepared of corn meal or rice without wheat flour varying in shape.

In Hong Kong Style waffles steam milk, eggs and bit more sugar is added for making them sweeter appearing large and round.

Chinese waffles also use honey melon and chocolate flavors and create different colors and are dished up warm as snacks.

Ham waffles which are non vegetarian are made of uncooked dicey smoked ham mixed up with the normal ingredients. Otherwise use the same procedure.

With all these different ideas you can see that imagination is your limit. Try and invent new waffle variations yourself! There are also a few good ideas for waffles here.

Waffle Recipe Video

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