Warm Up With Fresh Mushroom Soup

I love mushroom soup made from fresh mushrooms. On a chilly day with hot garlic bread there is nothing better.
I love mushroom soup made from fresh mushrooms. On a chilly day with hot garlic bread there is nothing better.

Warm Up With Fresh Mushroom Soup

Mushrooms just add something special to a meal and this delicious homemade mushroom soup is so special. I use the white button mushrooms to make this soup but you can really try different varieties of mushrooms to make this delicious soup with.

I like to serve cheese garlic bread with this soup as it is oh so delicious with this particular soup. Below is the recipe for how to make some of the most delicious cheese garlic bread you will ever taste.

Cheese Garlic Bread

1. One Cup Margarine.

2. One Fourth Cup Fresh Grated Parmesan Cheese.

3. One Fourth Cup Shredded Mozzarella Cheese.

4. One Teaspoon Garlic Powder.

5. One Teaspoon Red Pepper Flakes.

6. One Tablespoon Fresh Diced Parsley.

Mix all of the above ingredients together and spread it on your bread in a thinly applied layer. Place your bread on a baking pan and bake until your garlic bread is golden brown. You may want to wait until your fresh mushroom soup is done before you make your garlic bread.

Mushrooms add something special to any meal and this fresh mushroom soup is so tasty and delicious. The sherry you use in this mushroom soup is very important. You want a good brand of high quality sherry to use in your fresh mushroom soup. The cheaper sherry will ruin your soup so pick out a good brand.

Plus I bet you didn't know that mushrooms are good for you. They supply potassium, selenium and riboflavin and are very low in calories. Eight ounces of fresh button mushrooms have only twenty calories so they really are a great food for you to eat.

Fresh Chopped Button Mushrooms
Fresh Chopped Button Mushrooms

Fresh Mushroom Soup

This is a very delicious and wonderful tasting soup but again don't use cheap sherry in your soup. You want a good brand of sherry for your soup. Cooking sherry won't work. Its way to salty and will ruin your soup.

Like a lot of soups you'll find that this fresh mushroom soup will be a lot better the second day. Yes the taste really does improve in the refrigerator.

Use real unsalted butter in this soup not a margarine. You'll want a large purple sweet onion for your fresh mushroom soup and you'll want to slice your onion very thin and dice it very well so you don't end up with big pieces of onion in your fresh mushroom soup.

For Your Fresh Mushroom Soup You Will Need.

1. One Pound Fresh Button Mushrooms Sliced Very Thin.

2. One Large Purple Sweet Onion Sliced Thin And Diced Very Well.

3. Six Tablespoons Unsalted Butter.

4. Five Cups Chicken Stock.

5. Ground Sea Salt And Fresh Ground Pepper To Taste.

6. Fresh Chopped Parsley For Garnish.

7. Two Ounces High Quality Sherry.

In a saucepan that you have sprayed the interior with vegetable cooking spray add half of the unsalted real butter and bring it up to medium heat allowing your butter to melt. Now add the onion that you have sliced and diced and cook until the onion is soft and done but do not allow it to brown. Once the onion is soft and brown pour out into a stock pot.

Now add the other half of the unsalted butter to the sauce pan and add your sliced mushrooms. Let your mushrooms cook on medium heat until they are cooked and done but again you do not want your mushrooms to brown.

Add your mushrooms to the stock pot and now add your chicken stock , salt and pepper to taste and the sherry. Bring your soup almost to a boil but not quite to a boil. Hope you can understand that.

Now you want to let the soup cool down almost to room temperature and then puree your fresh mushroom soup in your blender. It will take a couple of batches in most blenders.

When you have all the fresh mushroom soup back in the stock pot bring your fresh mushroom soup almost up to a boil again but not quite to a boil. You are now ready to serve your fresh mushroom soup in heated bowls with the cheese garlic bread.Heat your soup bowls in the microwave and set them on a napkin on a saucer and then fill them with the fresh mushroom soup. With the bowls heated your family and guest will really enjoy the fresh mushroom soup and the soup will stay warm while it is being eaten.

I know you may be trying to diet but don't use fat free chicken broth in this soup. Use the regular chicken broth if you want the best flavored fresh mushroom soup. Chop your fresh parsley to garnish your soup with.

If you make this fresh mushroom soup please post a comment below and let us all know how it turned out for you. Also post your comments and questions. And thanks for reading my hub page on fresh mushroom soup.

Did you make the fresh mushroom soup? Tell us about it. Also post your comments or questions now and thanks for reading. 7 comments

crazyhorsesghost profile image

crazyhorsesghost 4 years ago from East Coast , United States Author

Thanks very much. It is a wonderful recipe.

Deborah Brooks profile image

Deborah Brooks 4 years ago from Brownsville,TX

I love mushroom soup.. I will go buy the ingredients and make it today.. thanks for the wonderful recipe.. shared on Facebook


crazyhorsesghost profile image

crazyhorsesghost 5 years ago from East Coast , United States Author

Thanks. It is one of the best winter soups there is. Hope everyone makes and enjoys it.

Georgina_writes profile image

Georgina_writes 6 years ago from Dartmoor

Great recipe - I was wondering what to have for lunch - now I know. Rating up and following you.

sid_candid profile image

sid_candid 6 years ago

Nice recipes. You seem to be an expert. Thanks for sharing.

crazyhorsesghost profile image

crazyhorsesghost 6 years ago from East Coast , United States Author

Would love to have you refer me. thomasbyers ( at ) gmail.com. And thanks for the comment. As the weather cools down every year I start to think of soups. Working on a couple in the kitchen right now.

angel115707 profile image

angel115707 6 years ago from Galveston, TX

You know you do so well, that you should apply to Examiner.com, I would even refer you (I'm the Galveston Baking examiner) and I sure hope your tweeting these to all the foodies out there... :)

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