We Called it Loaf Bread

When we grew up loaf bread was used for many things.
When we grew up loaf bread was used for many things.

Somebody! Please Pass the Biscuits

As a youngster my parents rarely bought bread at the grocery store. They were old school country people and maybe that was just a part of their cultural upbringing. Store bought bread which we always called "light" bread or loaf bread was rarely seen in our cupboard. Mama made biscuits for breakfast and cornbread for lunch or supper. The type of bread also depended on what else might be prepared as the main course which often included "taters and some kind of meat" but I have eaten many a glass or bowl of cornbread and milk for supper. We grew up drinking whole cow's milk and sometimes buttermilk.

Have you been to the grocery store lately? I have never seen so many kinds of breads. There must be six or eight different brands of loaf bread on the shelves that always includes the store brands. Whole wheat in various blends and percentages all making boasts about the health benefits derived from eating this bread product and even then the choices are so varied including gluten free. It seems making a decision on purchasing a loaf of bread has become somewhat of a dietitian's nightmare. or whatever the latest diet craze might include for this food group.

One thing is certain, all the information we now have available tells us whole grains are best for us. The nutrition as well as the bulk make for a healthy diet. We didn't think too much about those issues as we grew up but with so much information available today especially from a good healthy diet, more care is given to the bread we eat.

Mama always made plenty of those great white flour biscuits which we now know are not at all healthy for us to eat. Some things are hard to change and old habits are hard to break. Many of us dare not pass a Bojangles or McDonalds for quick breakfast biscuit. I still like my biscuits and gravy and every now and again I like my dad's old Army recipe for creamed beef on toast. I know the whole grains are best but the old standby white loaf bread still remains my favorite shingle for the creamed beef or a fried bologna sandwich with a juicy ripe red "mater" and it has to be made with white bread and Dukes mayonaise to suit my fancy.

Do you eat whole grains and are you more conscious today of the health benefits from eating whole grains?

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Eiddwen profile image

Eiddwen 5 years ago from Wales

A great hub,

I thoroughly enjoyed it and look forward to reading many more.

I vote up without a doubt.

Take care


profile image

ruffridyer 5 years ago from Dayton, ohio

Your stories bring back many memories. Thank you.

lucybell21 profile image

lucybell21 5 years ago from Troy, N.Y.

Lol I really enjoy reading your hubs. I do go for whole grains, but does rye bread count? Cause that is my favorite.

jo miller profile image

jo miller 4 years ago from Tennessee

We called it "loaf" bread too, but years ago I learned about the benefits of whole grain breads and have used them for years. Now, I like them much better than than "loaf" bread.

Enjoyed your writing. I'll be back for more.

Cousin Fudd profile image

Cousin Fudd 4 years ago from From the Blue Ridge Mountains of Western North Carolina Author

Thank you jo miller for stopping by to read and also to comment. The whole grains certainly are the healthiest and we eat more of the whole grain bread these days for that reason.

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