Weber Genesis E-310 - Differences Between Genesis Models

Article by Matt Fay

The latest comments available are reviews on the 2010 version of the Weber Genesis E-310. Genesis E-310 model was the best selling gas grill with a cart in 2010. The 2011 E-310 model recently arrived on the market with some modifications, but there is very little information or reviews available at this time. While similar in design to the 2010 version, the 2011 is available in black, blue, and copper.

The BIG DIFFERENCE? The 2010 Weber Genesis models had the burner controls located on the right side panel, and that took up valuable prep-space. Now, in 2011, the burner controls are on the front, freeing up that prep space. This is a very smart change.

Both 2010 and 2011 models are well-liked for the three separately controlled burners, and an enclosed cart to store the propane tank. Grilling is easier with this latest versions, that comes with a built-in commercial-grade thermometer and a warming rack. Unlike gas grills that used messy lava rock that is likely to flare up, the Genesis E-310 uses an arrangement of metal bars angled to distribute heat and channel drippings away from the food. This design makes for easier clean-up, and fewer flare-ups.

Weber Genesis Grill

Compare the Genesis E and S Models

In comparison the Genesis E and S model grills have several things in common:

  • E and S models have three stainless steel burners
  • Both have a Crossover ignition system
  • The ignition works electronically to light the grill without pushing a button
  • Both E and S models are easy to use and easy to clean
  • Both offer a great design and even heating throughout the grill time

There is little difference in the E-models and the S-310 and S-320. They basically have the same features, but the S models are all stainless steel and cost several hundred dollars more.

Other features on the E-310 include:

  • Six tool holders
  • An accurate fuel gauge
  • A grilling cookbook is included
  • Porcelain-coated, cast-iron grates that heat consistently
  • Grill is stable and easy to assemble
  • Plenty of shelf space

Strong Customer Reviews

There are currently 90 reviews for this grill on

An estimated sixty-eight of ninety reviews give the E-310 model a five star rating. An additional twelve reviews give it four stars. Most of the criticism is due to the necessary additional purchase of the propane gas (which is interesting because you should assume this a necessary purchase when buying a gas grill).

Only ten of the ninety reviews gave the Genesis E-310 grill three stars or less. These few reviews claimed that the product came from the factory with missing or damaged parts, rust build up after a few uses, and poor warranty service. In most cases Weber fixed the problem and once the issues were dealt with, these users said they were more satisfied. Other negative reviews claimed that they didn’t feel the grill had enough work space on the side tables. (Weber addressed this issue in the 2011 version.)

Users claim the Weber Genesis to be the best gas grill on the market for the price. With proper care, this grill can last more than ten years. The Genesis E-310 is a basic three-burner grill that has as much power as anyone would ever need. Quality has always been a strength of Weber grills. In comparison to other gas grills, this model is considered the best you can get for less than $1,000.


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