Wedding Cake Pans

Wedding cake pans are becoming very popular, because even when the economy sucks people still get married. This means that you have to find ways to lower the cost of the wedding to fit it in with the budget, and not hiring a pro to do the cake is an easy way to save money.

If you can spend some time practicing beforehand, there is no reason you can't bake and decorate a cake that will rival one that comes from a professional bakery. Take your time, learn how to use fondant and icing, and bake a few testers first and you'll be well on your way to baking a successful wedding cake (and maybe finding a new profession!).

Don't let the size of a wedding cake intimidate you. Most cakes are baked in tiers, so you get to work with one wedding cake pan at a time and stack them when finished. This is the most efficient way to build a large cake that can feed an entire wedding.

'll show you some of the most popular wedding cake pans around. You can purchase them safely and securely by following the link to at the bottom of each description. If you don't see what you're looking for, follow the link to and browse around. They have every character cake pan you can imagine!

Parrish Large Tiered Cake Pans

This Parrish three piece tiered cake set is the foundation that most wedding cakes come from.  There isn't a lot of magic on the baking side of wedding cakes, and this is the pan that most of them use.  

You can bake and stack them directly on top of each other, or you can use tiered trays to put space between each level.  Either way you do it, it will look great.

If you're baking this cake, be sure that you have a lazy susan on hand to help you out with the decoration.  Round cakes are really hard to decorate symmetrically if you have to move around it instead of rotating it to you.

Parrish makes restaurant quality pans at great prices.  Don't expect any frills with this pan, you're only going to get a great cake pan!

Wilton Tiered Cake Pans

If you need a shallower cake, these Wilton wedding cake pans are the perfect choice.  They are only three inches deep (they have a smaller size as well) and will bake a four tiered cake.  If you use separator plates and dowels you can get this cake up to a dramatic two feet tall!

These cake pans have way more uses than just for weddings.  Round cakes are the easiest to bake and decorate, so having these on hand will save you time and money down the road.

Wilton makes these wedding cake pans so you know that you're getting a restaurant quality product at a great price.  Also, this item qualifies for free shipping on

Wilton Petal Tiered Cake Pans

Not everyone wants a round wedding cake. This cake pan from Wilton is the perfect answer to that! It's a set of four petal shaped cake pans bake a beautiful cake.

Decorating this cake with fondant is a bit tougher than a circle pan due to it's odd shape, but the good thing is that it doesn't take much more than the fondant for it to look great. I've seen this cake done in a simple white fondant with red piping at the base of each layer and it was one of the most simple and elegant cakes I've ever seen.

You could also ice this cake, but it wouldn't have the same wedding "feel" to it. If you're baking this cake for your home or a party that would be a great way to go.

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