Weird McDonald’s

According to marketers, one of the draws of fast food chains is familiarity: a traveler can stop into a McDonald's anywhere in the country and know what to expect. The menu items will be the same, the quality will be the same, and the service will be the same. In most cases, even the store will be the same, or at least vaguely familiar, since McDonald's restaurants are usually built with the same exterior look and one of only a few general interior layouts.

That is why it is noticeable when one of the chain's stores breaks the trend, and goes for a different design. Since the restaurants are franchises, individual owners can sometimes express their own creativity when constructing their buildings. Below are some of the more creative McDonald's buildings I have come across. I am sure there are others; let me know if you have any in your area.

Giant Happy Meal

This McDonald's is in a very visible location along I-635 in North Dallas, and shows off for the crowds by having a very atypical design. The building is shaped like a giant Happy Meal. Or rather, the enclosed play area is shaped like one of the old Happy Meal boxes, while the rest of the building is adorned with giant replicas of hamburgers and French fries.

The inside of the building is almost as unusual as the outside: it's actually nice. The interior is adorned with black marble, and even the bathrooms look like something out of a 4-star hotel. The food is still standard McDonald's, though.

Eureka Pink

Eureka Springs, Arkansas, is a fairly small town that consists mostly of hotels for tourists. Many of the hotels have architectural themes, like Bavarian or Victorian designs. Fittingly, the one McDonald's in town is similarly themed--actually, not being an architecture expert, I am not sure what the design is, but it is definitely different. The roof is the familiar McDonald's style, but square spires grow out of it. The exterior walls are painted pink, and the windows are filled with displays of China. But the same old Ronald McDonald sits out front.

Air and Space McDonald's

Ronald McDonald is a multi-faceted clown, who wears many hats and is a bit of a thrill-seeker. Not too far from Eureka Spring is the town of Springdale, Arkansas, where the local McDonald's is adorned with an airplane. That's right: a twin-engine turboprop hovers above the roof, piloted by the Hamburgler. Ronald stands on the tail, apparently performing some dangerous aerial stunt.

Not content to merely fly through the atmosphere, Ronald has also dabbled in the space program. In a suburb of Atlanta, I spotted this McDonald's complete with a McNASA space McShuttle. On the side of the shuttle is painted the words "Ronald McDonald - Pilot".

Overpass McDonald's

Finally, on I-44 near Vinita, Oklahoma stands what is billed as the world's largest McDonald's. Correct that: over I-44 stands the world's largest McDonald's. Here the famous golden arches span over all 4 lanes of highway, with the supersized restaurant forming an overpass. You can enter the building from either side of the highway and eat your McNuggets while looking down at the McTraffic below.

I know there must be other odd McDonald's out there, so if you have photos, please share.

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Pete 9 years ago

I can't seem to find my pic of it, but in St. Louis, MO in the shadow of the Gateway Arch and RIGHT ON the Mississippi River, floats the World's ONLY FLOATING McDonald's!

Pete 9 years ago

OK I found someone else's pic of it online. Here ya go -

Pete 9 years ago

This one's better. Maybe you can delete that middle post. LOL Sorry

stylezink profile image

stylezink 8 years ago from Atlanta, GA.

Great hub, I've never seen a Mc Donald's that wasn't pretty much standard in its architecture. But you are wrong about the menu thing, they offer different things in different areas, like in Texas you can get epenadas, lol, and I forgot the other stuff they had, but they were also missing things I had at my local Mickey D's.

johnb0127 profile image

johnb0127 7 years ago from TX

Wow, that McDonalds over the highway is AWESOME! Thanks for the hub.


sbeakr 7 years ago

Vinita wins! I've been in and under this McD's MANY times!

abc 7 years ago

check out the mcdonalds in sedona arizona. it is weird too. it's a whole different color scheme.

TCK 7 years ago

In roswell new mexico we saw a mcdonalds shaped like a ufo

WAQAR 7 years ago


lmbt 6 years ago

I've seen the Sedona one. Quite fascinating, but it's strange how it's more of a turquoise arch, rather than the golden arch.

Wikipedia had an image of this:

Guest 6 years ago

It's true that there are different items in different areas. In Quebec, Canada at certain times of the year you can get a McLobster and you can always get a side of "poutine" - that's fries top with cheese curds and gravy. It's a staple for those who are hungover.

suzan 6 years ago

Most Strangest Mc Donlad Meals -

Grandfather Time 6 years ago

I've eaten at the one in Dallas and the one off of I-44 in Oklahoma. The food at both is on par with what most Mc Donalds serves....

mw 6 years ago

Guest 6 years ago

There is a UFO one in Roswell NM!

michelle  6 years ago

in orlando or near orlando i know theres one shaped like a giant box of fries ive only been to it like twice and that was years ago when i was a little kid

timothy coblentz 6 years ago

I work for McDonald's I never seen that kind of building in my life it is AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ryan 6 years ago

cocopreme profile image

cocopreme 5 years ago from Far, far away

I saw a special about unique McDonald's restaurants on the Travel Channel. There is a gourmet McDonald's in Canada and a snowmobile drive thru in Greenland. The show didn't mention the ones you did though. Great article!

moonlake profile image

moonlake 5 years ago from America

I'm pretty sure the McDonald's near us take drive-thru snowsmobiles because they let snowmobiles drive through the city.

Enjoyed your hub. Didn't realize there were so many different McDonlds.

Scrappinmom19 4 years ago

St Louis used to have one of the riverboat McDonalds, anchored by the Arch. However, during one of the massive floods it came loose from the moorings. I heard that it was destroyed downstream. I used to eat there during my college days, and I missed it when we went back to visit the area.

michaelkimpson 4 years ago

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