Wendy's Delivery Philippines - Menu, Number, and Minimum Price

Wendy's Philippines
Wendy's Philippines

Wendy's Delivery Philippines

Wendy's offer an alternative to the typical menus of current local fast food. If you are sick of the typical burgers and chickens that other fast food offer then it is time that you try out Wendy's. And it is not really that hard to get them because you don't even have to go out anymore. All you have to do is dial the Wendy's Delivery Philippines Number - 533-3333. Check out the menu below and choose the right meal for you.

Aside from Wendy's if you are looking for other food delivery service then you might also like information about these other fast food delivery in the Philippines:

The Wendy's Delivery Number is 533-3333

Wendy's Delivery Menu
Wendy's Delivery Menu

Wendy's Delivery Menu

My personal favorite really is the Bacon Mushroom Melt™. Even their fried are so good and very different from the everyday fries of other fast food chains. The Wendy's Philippines Menu we have above as you can see does not just offer their delicious Wendy's hamburgers. They also have healthy alternatives such as salads. And being healthy does not sacrifice the taste because their salads are truly very good. My personal favorite and recommendation would be the Big Taco Salad™ or the Macaroni Salad™.

Who will be able to resist their classic Regular Frosty™ that everyone surely loves. They also have other offers in their menu below that will surely not just satisfy your urges and appetite but also remind you that there are alternatives to the typical fast food menu.

Wendy's Delivery Menu
Wendy's Delivery Menu

What are you waiting for?

Dial 533-3333 right now and get yourself and surely you will have Wendy's delivered at your house in no time. There really is nothing comparable to eating delivered fast food at the comfort of your home.

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Comments 25 comments

Ronald McDonald 6 years ago

How come there are no prices on Wendies menu website?

johndy 6 years ago

tried calling the 5333333 "hotline"

it really tried my patience. i ended hanging up after repeatedly hearing the annoying recording that "your call is important to us". it sucks!

BUDDY 6 years ago

first time to call their hotline a few minutes ago. spent more than 5minutes spelling my name and address to one of their operators. crazy.

Baconator 6 years ago

Haha the same thing happened to me :) it took the operator a long time to get my name and address :)))))

new baconator fan 6 years ago

So true...they spent so much time just trying to get my name...and when I asked if the baconator is that which comes with angus steak, she goes "yes ma'am, it comes with ketchup and mayo..." whatduh?!

dakilangempleyado 6 years ago

wendy's delivery bulok!!!!

hate wendy's 5 years ago

1K minimum delivery from boni to pasig??? bulok talaga!

AJ 5 years ago

and your agents are not polite too! agent raised her voice with me when I was trying to ask how far they covered from megamall

Harry Santos profile image

Harry Santos 5 years ago from Metro Manila, Philippines Author

Be sure to share this page to all of your friends so that they will all be informed of these problems and can avoid them! Consumers of the world, empower yourselves! Put this page on your Facebook wall now!

fermin 5 years ago

laftrip to harry

Gutom at Galit 5 years ago

They don't even answer the phone 2x. And I bet if they did to you, it took them forever just to pick up the phone. Geeeez, what a service!! BULOK talaga system.

markee 5 years ago

bulok ang wendys badtrip ang tagal sumagot ng delivery hotline magsara na kayo

avira 5 years ago

ayos namn serbisyo nila a tangina nio a

Stephie Rod 5 years ago

Spent 10 mins and no one answered. Sumakit na yung ear ko sa pitch nung song nila.. :(

so much for trying to relax 5 years ago

i so hate wendy's delivery,though i love their restaurants and foods! customer service is so effing bad if they even know what customer service is.

my boyfriend and I were on our day off and was just trying to destress we were into dvd marathon and wanted to eat while watching; so we called the new hotline number someone did answer and my boyfriend asked that the rep call us back but the rep is ignoring his request just keeps on asking questions like name address and our order. we would understand if he asked for contact number and address then called us back but he didn't! and the fact that he was ignoring my boyfriend's request for a callback and after he asked for the address he hang up! OMG! the night end up adding more stress good thing RUFO's exceeded excellent customer service to make it up for the sooooooooooooo BAD experience w/ Wendy's delivery.

Disgusted Customer 4 years ago

bulok talaga and service you! your recording keeps saying 'your service is important to us' but one has to wait minutes to get an answer. Iisa lang ba and kumuha ng orders nyo online?

wtf wendy's 4 years ago

WTF. maglalagay kayo ng number tapos walang sumasagot? we frickin tried calling 533-33-33 and 8wendy's!! maglalagay kayo ng "order online" "wait for 5 minutes for the confirmation call" eh wala naman!

if you frickin' cant deliver at all, DON'T BOTHER having delivery services


profile image

Bvoxz 4 years ago

Ang Mahal Ng Delivery Niyo Mga Dre .... 500 WTF Anu yun Joke Hahahaha Frosty Lang Naman Masarap Sa Inyo Eh Ang Panget Ng Restaurant Niyo Isara Niyo Na Yan Mas Maganda Pa Ang Burger King LooL Loserss :p

myawn profile image

myawn 4 years ago from Florida

didn't know wendy's had delivery service interesting hub thanks

flor 4 years ago

For me, the delivery service is good. they will get your number, name and address for the first time callers only and the succeeding delivery is automatically recorded in the system...

len 3 years ago

Dibaleng mahal ang food basta masarap at nalalasahan mo at hindi tipid yan ang gusto sa wendy's Love ko ang wendy's

Efficient Admin profile image

Efficient Admin 3 years ago from Charlotte, NC

After reading your hub about disgusting street food, if I lived in the Phillipines maybe I wouldn't starve after all. I would just go to Wendys LOL.

francia maria mante 3 years ago

bkt 500 n ung delivery service ng wendy's? sobra naman yan! hnd naman kailangan 500 minimum delivery ah! sana ayucin nyo naman delivery service nyo! sayang naman kase lahat ng product nyo ay very OK....

mukhang hnd n yata maganda ang service ng wendy's ngaun.....

nung araw sikat p naman kayo s delivery service kase kayo nga ang pioneer s delivery service, with free coke litro p! sana mabasa po ito ng admin ng Wendy's!

iza reyes 3 years ago

grabe mahal nga ng delivery...500 plus 10% charge pa. :( tapos minimum order of 500.00. Mahal ba gas ng motor?

asom 3 years ago

disappointed with wendy's delivery service!!!

we were craving for wendy's kaya we made an order online around 1am. checked ko from time to time status ng order... shows pending. after 30 minutes... pending pa rin kaya i decided to call them... omg!!! after giving yung transaction # sa CSR, ang sabi eh naka pending pa po. sabi ko oo nga! kanina pa yan, nakalipas na ang 30 minutes ala pa rin update, no one's calling us. after being on hold for a couple of minutes... sabi ng csr... mam, ala na po available mag deliver. close na po yung pinakamalapit na store sa area nyo, yung cubao naman po ayaw kc di daw po nila cover area nyo... what the!!! ang tagal namin nag-antay! kung di pa kme tumawag, di namin malaman na naghihintay pala kme sa wala... so frustrated!!! :(

won't order for delivery anymore sa inyo!!!

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