What I Did Today ! - I Made Squash and Ricotta Bake (A Jamie Oliver Recipe)

Squash and Ricotta Bake

First off, I had better come out and admit it right away.. I didn't use any squash! The reason for this is because my local supermarket doesn't have the greatest range of vegetables.. I ended up using courgettes instead!

"How was it?"

I had great fun making this! and I had a lot of fun eating it also. I really like Jamie Oliver's cooking style. At first he was marketed as some young-fun guy who played the drums, had lots of friends and drove I clamped out old.. mini bus? :) - A mini bus I saw him driving around in London quite a lot, it had I rude number plate!

Now I think he has come into his own. Even if he has been over in the US doing terribly setup, Springer/Jeremy Kyle car crash nightmare TV. He can still cook well.

The recipe link: Squash and Ricotta Bake

Remember: The video can be watched in high definition for better quality!

Have a look at what I did...

All in all..

I think you can change the squash for courgettes easily enough. To be honest I wasn't too sure that squash and tomatoes would even go that well together! I could have been a blessing in disguise that their were no squash at the local supermarket!

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Eloise Hope profile image

Eloise Hope 5 years ago from Portland, Oregon, USA

Ok, now I'm hungry. And I just had lunch! Thanks - this sounds delicious, and healthy, too. (Unless I add massive amounts of cheese...)

Tyler Bracken profile image

Tyler Bracken 5 years ago from Berlin, Germany Author

Thanks Eloise! it was pretty amazing and you definitely should give it a try!

James 5 years ago


SiameseRobot profile image

SiameseRobot 4 years ago from Boise, ID

I will be making this. Thanks!

Chickenchaser 2 years ago

I plan to make this now just so you know! :)

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