What is the Best Orange Juice You Can Buy

Chances are the orange juice you buy in the store comes from Florida or Brazil or both. The best "juice" orange is the Valencia orange and one of the juiciest and sweetest. Usually California oranges won't be in any juice you buy because they are more "meaty" and better for eating.

Now there are basically three ways orange juice is processed and I'll explain these so that you might get a better understanding so that you can be more choosy when you buy.

Fresh Squeezed

Some companies make fresh squeezed juice where none of the juice is heated at all. The shelf life is much shorter and the chances of spoilage greater. Also the chance of microbial growth is also greater. Orange juice companies usually try to stay away from selling it.

Pasteurized Orange Juice

This is where the juice is basically heated up to 185 degrees. This is to kill any microbes without losing any of the natural water. The shelf life is not as long as concentrated juice.

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Concentrated Orange Juice

 This is where the juice is sent through an evaporator and causes the water in the juice to be "evaporated" leaving a thick orange syrup. This leaves all the natural sugar "concentrated". Orange juice companies usually evaporate the lesser quality oranges. This way they can add the right amount of water to adjust the sweetness, color and acid ratio. But sometimes you can buy the frozen concentrated orange juice that you reconstitute with water at home. Concentrated orange juice has a longer shelf life and is more economical for shipping and storage.

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eatlikenoone profile image

eatlikenoone 5 years ago from Saline, MI

Fresh squeezed is my way to go. I do it myself when I can or a lot of quality grocery store will squeeze their own OJ.

livelonger profile image

livelonger 5 years ago from San Francisco

I got sick about 13 years ago from some unpasteurized Odwalla juice. They now claim to have "flash pasteurized" juice, which I believe they claim gets rid of the germs but doesn't affect the flavor. I still don't drink it, though!

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